Today I am sharing the Wildflower top I made. It’s another pattern from the Just Add Jeans Collection from Pattern Anthology. I really love this top, and the whole collection really because each top is so different, it really helped to build my wardrobe and it’s fun to be able to include so many pieces made by me. The style of the Wildflower could easily go dressy, but I am a pretty casual person so keeping it casual seemed to be best. Natural I decided on stripes, the more you see me sewing for myself the more you will realize I basically only wear stripes, and they are usually blue.

For the pictures we went down to the park, the day was beautiful the weather was perfection and the kids really just wanted to run around and play. The best pictures my husband took were the ones that weren’t “posed” they weren’t the ones of me forgetting how I normally stand, and normally smile, and normally walk, they were the ones where I was just doing what I normally do, just being a mom.

I liked that the pictures just captured real life and that wearing the shirt didn’t stop me from doing any of the things I normally do as a mom, and did them all comfortably.
Top is the Wildflower top pattern from the Just Add Jeans Collection
Striped Fabric is from Girl Charlee (french terry) although it is currently out of stock.
Necklace is a locket from Jacaranda Designs.