My good friend Kate (see kate sew) came out with her first women’s pattern the Penelope Peplum and asked if I wanted to make it I said YES! Then slightly more reluctantly realized I would have to take pictures of myself wearing said garment. (gulp) You all are about to experience why I don’t blog about the things I make myself. It’s not because I over criticize my body, because let’s be honest all women pick themselves apart. You know what I don’t care if my hips are wide, my butt is saggy, and my tummy looks like a war zone. (hip fashion blogger was never my true calling)  Child bearing is not kind to me, I gain A LOT of weight (like 70 pounds or more) so instead of picking myself apart I realize “hey I lost 60 pounds last year” I have three kids I love a lot more than my 20 year old body.

 The reason I don’t blog things is because I get in front of the camera and freeze. Like a deer in the headlights. (kind of wishing that car would just hit me and get it over with) I tried to channel my selfie heroes like my Shwin counter part, and Jess, and Kate, and Delia. (they are all so natural) I put on heels because let’s face it my butt and legs need as much help as they can get these days, I practiced in the mirror, then I went for it. Out came the queen of awkward poses, and faces, and what in the world is my arm doing? I got a total of 3 count them 3 acceptable pictures. (taken by Abbey) So it’s a work in progress. (well hopefully it will progress anyway) So on to the pattern details

Kate really nailed it with this pattern. I made 3 all with the circle skirt add on because I adore the fit and drape of a circle skirt. The top is so comfortable and has a great fit. With this one I cut the front bodice in two pieces both of the bias so I had a chevron going down the front. Then I cut the back regular.  I also love that there are dress options as well and I know I will make a dozen more. She also has a little girls version which I am dying to make for Abbey and Penny.

Fabric from Girl Charlee