This week’s challenge got my mind going! I thought I would challenge myself to be inspired by a piece from Addison Renee since they are all very inspiring. I took a pretty literal translation and took the color jewels and layers of flowers and re-worked it into a sweater. 
This is the piece I used as my inspiration. I loved the color and the jewels in the middle were just beautiful! 
I started by going through my “stash” of re-do clothes. That’s when I found this bright yellow sweater and I knew this was it. I used a shirt that fits my daughter for my pattern I cut a front and back and two sleeves. I cut the bodice lining up with the bottom of the sweater so I wouldn’t have to finish the bottom edge, also I wanted to get that ribbing. The sleeves were cut from the sleeves. I also cut off the ribbing around the neck to re-use. 
Start by sewing the shoulder seams. I also cut in a V-neck in the front. 

Next pin the sleeve to the arm hole. I added two pleats in the middle of the sleeve (at the shoulder) to add a little feminine touch. 

Next sew the side seam turn at the armpit and sew down the arm. Do it to both sides.

Lastly and I am sorry I didn’t get a better picture of it but I sewed the neck ribbing around the neck right sides together and turned it to the inside where I top stitched it in place. (this finished the neckline) Then I added flowers using two tutorials THIS ONE and THIS ONE. I sewed them in place so they were overlapping and then they looked full around the neck. I added sew on jewels in the center.
To give it a little asymmetric look I only added one of the rosettes to one side. 
That’s it. It was a easy project and I whipped it out in one short evening. I just love the ruffles of flowers dancing around the neck.
I love how the flowers on the sweaters adds a little dress up to jeans.