Looking for a boy inspired look for the little miss in your life? I loved the Boy inspired sweatshirt so much that I thought I would girl it up a bit and make one for Abbey. It was easy to make and is so comfy for the little one to run around and play freely in. 
To start make the pattern the same way as the boy inspired sweatshirt a few things I changed up few details like I curved the top half of the bodice piece and made it wider so the top pieces would over lap (that may make more sense later) The bottom half was cut the same and the sleeve was cut the same. Instead of a collar I added a ruffled strip. Also cut 4 top bodice pieces so it will be lined. The back bodice piece I left as one whole piece and not a top and bottom. (you could do either)

Start by sewing two top bodice pieces right sides together along the curved edge. Then turn it right side out and top stitch. 

After you do that to both sides you should have to overlapping top bodice pieces.

Next we are going to work on the bottom bodice piece. I added pockets in the side seam of this top. To do that I cut out 4 half circles and sewed along the straight edge to the right side of the bodice pieces (both front and back and both sides of the bodice)

Then place right sides together of the front and back bodice pieces so the pocket flaps stick out. Then starting at the top edge sew down to the pocket turn and sew the pocket flaps together then turn again and sew down the rest of the side. 

Turn it right side out and tuck the pocket in. Done. 

Next lay the top bodice pieces so they just overlap the bottom piece.

Pin them in place and then sew them down to the bottom bodice piece.

Sew it at the shoulder and add the sleeves.
Lastly and I don’t have very good pictures of these steps sorry, but I sewed the ruffle around the neck and added a button to hold the top part of the bodice closed. 
That’s it for the easy boy inspired sweatshirt for a girl

The curved lines and ruffled neck add a great feminine flair to a boy garment

The hat by the way was knit by my mom, since I have no idea how to knit but maybe someday…
The jeans can be
found in the tutorial HERE