I had to go buy the little miss some jeans. I like a cute “trendy” Jean but I don’t love that they cost so much more than a plain pair. That’s right I got a plain pair of skinny jeans without any details for 9 dollars less than the pair with cute stitching and the “broken in” look. Now I don’t know about you but my kids break their jeans in just fine and they rarely need help from the store, in fact they may even last longer if they break them in themselves. Also I am cheap so I would rather save 9 dollars and add my own cute details. SO that’s what I am sharing today. I started with the pair of Jeans I got above. 

Here is the back before:

Then (and it is kind of hard to see) I took a white fabric pencil and drew my design on the jeans. I just drew some hearts since they are easy. 

Then with some embroidery floss I did a simple hand-stitch following the lines I drew. 

Some cute little hearts popping up around the pockets

Some big hearts on the back pockets. I also added some navy stitches across the top of the pockets… you can barely see it but it’s the little things that make me happy 🙂

So simple, and unlike the ones I could have paid more for in the store, these are unique to her 🙂

Then you can let your little one wear her new embroidered jeans.