Ready for skirt number 2?
This fun little skirt can be done two ways, full and puffy, or straight and simple. I will show you both ways but ultimately I went with the straight and simple for this skirt since I have a puffy skirt coming up later. Either way, this skirt is the perfect little welcome for spring, with the oversized pleats to add a little flounce.
Making the pattern for this one is a lot like yesterday’s skirt, only easier.
You only need two pattern pieces.
The waistband piece should be double the height you want of the waistband, and it should be the waist measurement +2 inches then divide that in half so you have a front and back piece for the waistband.
Then the skirt part it should be a rectangle 2 times the waist measurement and 2 times the desired length you want the skirt. I cut mine along the dotted line and then sewed it together again… not realizing that was totally unnecessary so you can forget the dotted line and the fact that mine is sewn together…
see the sewn together… yeah sometimes hindsight is the best sight…
Anyway, just take the two short ends and with right sides together sew them together to create a tube.

Then fold the tube so the the wrong sides are together.
(now if you want it to be puffy, add some tulle inside the layers and it will stay nice and puffy for you.)

Next take your waistband pieces and sew them at the side seams.

then fold the piece so the wrong sides are together and sew an elastic casing along the back side from side seam to side seam.

feed the elastic through the casing and sew it in place at each side seam. The elastic should make the front pull around the the back a little this way you will get a nice fit when it is on. 

Next sew the waistband the to the skirt. I made it so there were no pleats in the back of the skirt and really large pleats (2.5-3 inch) pleats spaced evenly across the front of the skirt. 
Then your skirt is done. I added two buttons on the waistband for a little detail. The picture shows what it would look like with some puff to it. 

There you go perfect little spring skirt number 2. 
I love the dreamy pleats that show off nicely when I little one goes running in the wind...