You know what I love most about boy clothes? They can be so simple. My favorite look on a boy is a collar, and a polo helps keep it casual. So here is the super easy tutorial for the argyle polo I posted yesterday.
I started with an old mens polo that I snatched up from my brothers goodwill pile. (Thank you Drew 🙂 Then following this tutorial I shrunk it down to size. (never mind the hem that is not finished and terribly uneven… I fixed that later) Now while the polo was probably fine as is I knew I wanted to take advantage of the older slightly faded “vintage” look of the old polo and instead of it looking like a hand-me down I thought I would make it look purposeful. So I started by browsing my favorite place for boy’s clothes HERE. And since I didn’t want to look like a totally cheesy rip off, I just took some inspiration. Like the number and bold print. 

I started by making my own patches. To do this I ironed fusible interfacing to white jersey knit and some yellow fabric I had laying around. This makes the fabric stiffer helps fabrics hold their shape when you sew and if you are using a fabric that frays this will help it from fraying as much. Then I cut out 3 diamonds, and a number 4, since that is how old my son will be. I laid out the design on the shirt the way I wanted it. Then pinned it all in place and sewed around the edge.

Once the pieces were all sewn down I got my ruler out and drew X’s basically through the diamonds. I used a water soluble fabric pencil so the lines would wash right off. The ruler helps to make sure they are straight. Then using embroidery floss I did a hand stitch following the lines. I made mine a dotted line since most argyle has a dotted line for the cross line but you could do a solid line if you wanted. 
That’s it! Super easy right? I just love bold but simple ideas for boys.
Plus he is really excited to wear it on his birthday which he has not stopped talking about and he has been “wrapping” presents and practicing unwrapping them acting all surprised just to get ready for the big day. 

It’s so much fun watching kids grow up, especially now that people may be right, 4 may be that magic age where kids turn a new leaf and start doing things like be kind to their sister. (she has been around for nearly 2 years now I guess he has finally decided she is cool enough to stay) It was a tender moment of Jude acting like a good big brother and comforting his sister who was upset that it was not her turn in the spot light… although it usually is 🙂