Next up in the go-to boy gift is the Little man Bow-tie onsie. I live a little man with some style, and what says style more than a little bow tie? Since it is attached to the onsie there is nothing to go around the neck of your little one, also no need to wear a formal shirt. This can be made for any age, but I can’t resist it for a baby. Also I have a free downloadable pattern for you today so making your bow tie could not be easier!

 To get started Download the pattern HERE
Then cut out the pieces as shown. I did this one with two different colors, but you can do it all the same. Mix it up however you like.
 Start by folding the bottom layer piece in half and sew along the top and side.
 Then turn the piece right side out and serge or zig zag stitch the raw edge.
 Then serge or zig-zag stitch the sides of the upper layer.
 Then fold the piece right sides together and sew along the long edge.
 Then turn it right side out and with the seam in the middle, turn the edges in and sew them closed.
 Then line the two bottom layer pieces up together.
 Lay the upper piece on top centering it over the bottom layer.
 Then sew a basting stitch to attach the layers together as well as gathering the middle.
 Then turn the two sides of the middle piece in ward and wrap it around the gathered part of the bow.
 Then sew the middle down to the middle of the onsie.
Then you are done, now there is no excuse not to have a well dressed little man! Go ahead make a dozen!
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