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Not that she needs any introduction… but since it has been awhile and I am sooo happy to haver her back I thought I would announce that my Shwin counter part is back with us!!! She is sharing with a us a tip a week related to all things fashion, and skin care since those are her favorite topics and areas of expertise. I am so lucky to have her as a sister since she helps me out a lot! Now she can help share some of her wisdom with you too. (plus she is super down to earth, I love that!) She works at a prestige medical spa where she is a laser technician and does an array of facial treatments helping women look and feel their youngest and best, she loves her job and is willing and eager to share her tips to having the best skin and of course looking your most fashionable self. As part of the “tip of the week” series that will be every Thursday we are both willing to take the time to answer any questions our readers might have. We love a challenge so go ahead and ask away! 
For now back with us is my most favorite Shwin with the first tip of the week!

Hi All! First off I would like to start by saying it feels great to be back in the blog world again! Although my sister’s talent and creativity more than makes up for my absense, and I appreciate everything she does. As my “post cross country move”life  has been returning to normal I am very excited to post a “tip of the week”.

With all the cute and colorful Spring fashions coming out its important to know what colors are made for you and which ones look better on the hanger. Finding which colors work best for your skin tone and hair color is easy!

Step one: Grab a white towel and a bunch of your clothes in a range of colors.

Step two: Without wearing any make-up, stand in front of a mirror that has the best natural lighting. Drape the white towel around your shoulders.

Step three: Put a color next to your face, one piece at a time and see how your skin changes with each color match.

*A good color match should: Make your skin and eyes appear bright Reduce the appearance of the any wrinkles Diminish the appearance of skin blemishes.
*A bad color match might: Make shadows in your skin look more pronounced make your skin look dull or make your skin look washed out.

Having a hard time figuring out which colors pop on you? Ask a friend; someone other than yourself will see the way your skin tone changes with each color.

Good luck and happy color finding!