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  1. 2littlehooligans

    oh wow! i was in need of a lot of skin care advice thanks! off to check out ebay:)

  2. Mickie and Matt

    Long time follower first time commenter… <br /><br />Acne scars… I got them in my teens and now in my mid twenties they are getting worse with age. My skin is clear but the scars remain. Do you know of anything to help with that? I have thought about a chemical peel but I am not so sure if that would help with them. What are your thoughts?

  3. Delia

    These were great tips. I never thought to use lavender oil. Thanks!

  4. Jessica

    My question is black heads..yuck! I just used dove soap while I was pregnant and now my nose has lots of blackheads. I&#39;ve been using St.Ive&#39;s and the clarisonic mia for about 2 months…but no change yet! Any other ideas?!

  5. East Coast-er Momma

    WOW! Thanks for this. My skin, unfortunately, scars so easily. I don&#39;t even have to mess with said blemish and I will have a little &quot;reminder&quot; that it was there. Pooey. Neosporin is genius. I&#39;m going to try that. Also, I take Niacin and have found that it helps my skin tremendously. My face would constantly pop up with pimples and since I&#39;ve been taking it regularly

  6. BusyMom

    How often do you apply the vitamin c serum? Thanks for this wonderful info – love it!

  7. Shwin R

    Apply vitamin C serum both morning and night. Cleanse ,tone, serum than day/night moisturizer

  8. Kim Esper

    What order should you use your products in? for instance, I cleanse, moisturize and then pore minimize. I am confounded by the order and have switched it and can&#39;t figure out which is the best order. please advise.

    1. Shwin R

      First you would want to cleanse 2x, than tone, apply an eye cream, than any serums or treatments ( your pore minimizer) last you would apply your moisturizer. The only thing that you would use after a moisturizer would be a spot treatment for a blemish.

  9. lisette

    I get these whiteish bumps off and on all over my face a few at a time. The dermatologist said it is a type of acne. It look like a skin colored bump…nothing there to pop and they aren&#39;t painful. They take several months to go away. Can you please tell what they are and what I can do to get rid of them quicker! Thanks so much<br /><br />Aimee<br />[email protected]

    1. Shwin R

      There are a few reasons for these types of bumps, the most common reasons would be a slow cell turnover or allergies. When you have a slow cell turnover you get clogged pores along with thick skin which often results in bumps of built up dead skin where there isn&#39;t puss or anything to extract. Chemical peels or microdermabrasion every month followed by at home gentle exfoliant will help to

  10. Justin

    Hello. I would love the thoughts on the skincare I use. It&#39;s called Antho. Here&#39;s the link:<br /><br />Thanks for advice. I have already begun implementing your great advice.

  11. John Carter

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