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Breakout Causes

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  1. East Coast-er Momma

    Wow, this makes so much sense…my hot spots are all areas related to stress. erg.

  2. PearlsForMyGirls

    Such great information, thank you!!

  3. Jessica & Tracie

    So basically what I have thought all along is totally confirmed! I have REALLY clear skin when I'm pregnant, but when I'm not….well not so much! Guess what my trigger spots are?! 11 and 13!! Now…how do I go about telling my doctor I know better than he does!? haha

  4. Cristy

    Where can you get estrogen cream you were talking about? I used to have clear as day skin and now I have three zits on each 11 and 13..It is so embarrassing! I have tried everything–fancy cleansers, acne cleaners, I drink 2 green smoothies through out the day, and drink lemon water all day long…what is going on. I'm so annoyed with my skin!!

  5. Hilz

    This is really interesting information- about the breakout areas and targets. I'm curious as to where you have gotten your information from?

  6. SummerRose

    I loved reading all this info! Thank for sharing. I have had acne pretty much the whole past 15 years 🙁 I suppose from all different sources… but needless to say, I've heard about and tried so many "cures", and nothing has worked yet, and I'm 27!! ack! I'm going to try and start eating all natural, no more processed food, and see if that does anything?

  7. Michelle

    Really interesting info! It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ayla

    I KNEW my acne was hormonal! It makes total sense also about the side I sleep on and use my phone one – my left side of my face is always way clearer than the right. I'm gonna start being way more careful about that stuff. Thanks so much! (I'd also like to know where I can look for estrogen cream?)

  9. Beatriz López Lumbreras

    awesome, awesome post!!I think I&#39;ll be talking about this post soon in my blog!<br />Found you through paige from eloping stethoscope!<br /><br />=)

  10. lisalaughs

    This is such an informative post! Makes total sense. Thanks!

  11. pooja gulecha

    Superbbbbb… Very well detailed!! Deserve a big applause:))

  12. John Dudley

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