Do you hold on to scraps of fabric? Scraps that are too small to make a whole garment but it seems wasteful to just throw them away? Well then you might have a fabric hoarding problem… Which means you may be interested in entering this competition, or maybe you are looking for ways to use up the stash. Here are a few little tricks to use up some scraps, and since using up scraps seems so very earth friendly I made this one with nature as the inspiration.  

Start with a pattern for whatever you will be creating (a top in this case) I cut off the bottom if the top.

Then I cut up the top bodice piece as I needed for the size of the fabric scraps I had.
When you are cutting them out be sure to add in a seam allowance everywhere you will be connecting them back together.

Then sew the pieces back together to recreate the pattern piece as if it were one whole piece.

Then like in this top sew the front and back pieces together. (along the solid lines)

Then sew the side seams of the bottom of the top. Sew it to the top.

Now for a great scrap busting project. Lets make some patches. I have talked about this in past posts, but let’s talk interfacing. It has many purposes, but my favorite is when I make patches. My favorite way to buy interfacing is in the remanent bin at the fabric store, you get half off which is totally sweet, and you can get quite a bit of it. So check there. Then interfacing has a smooth side and bumpy side, you put the bumpy side down down.

Iron it on the the fabric. make sure it is stuck on well.
It will make the fabric a little stiffer, as well as keeping stretchy fabrics from stretching, and it helps to keep most fabrics from fraying too much. 

Then from that fabric I cut out the shape I wanted this can be any shape you want obviously. I did a tree since I love trees and they bring out the nature of the look in a modern way.

Then you can stitch it on anyway you want but I like to use embroidery floss since it add another texture layer to the looks, 

Then I added a few buttons to the top for a little extra detail and that’s it. 

Now your little one has a new top made from scraps. (but only you will know that) 

Now go ahead and use up some scraps.
(catch an episode of Hoarders and it may just encourage you to do it faster)