One of my favorite things to do is to hack a pattern. You can change such simple little things and create a whole new look. I especially love the challenge of taking something super basic (like a tee) and making it anything but basic. So I am sharing a 6 part series all about how you can hack a basic tee shirt pattern to get 6 different looks.

These pattern hacks work with any tee pattern and in any size. I am making most of them for my kids (because it’s just what I do) I am using the Hello Tee as the base for them and the Vera V neck as the base for me. You can see all my favorite pattern links and the video showing how to sew a basic tee to get started here.

It should be noted, (as I stated in the basic tee video) I am using the neckline of the Hello tank in place of the V-neck of the Hello tee. They swap out really easily and then I use the neck binding of the Hello tank. Why am I going through this extra step instead of using a tee with a round neckline already? I like the fit of the Hello tee, I like the options and the size range. While I do love a good V-neck sometimes I want a simple round neck and swapping that out is so much easier than finding and printing a whole new pattern.