So those of you who have been following the blog for awhile know that I have confessed that I am NOT a photographer… I have high respect to all of those out there who have the eye for taking pictures. I have goals of improving but for now I just have my passion for sewing. Now with that out there, I will say I am not an expert at “fixing” photos, but I try and I have a few “tricks” I thought I would share. You know for times when you actually get your whole family together, most of you are looking at the camera, or at least smiling and looking cute… then bam! Sun glaring in your face, whiting out details and ruining the picture…

But you can tone that down so it is almost not there.
And it’s easy to do. 

Start by opening your photo, then select “layer” then “new layer” 

Then while on that new layer. Select your paint brush, and when you choose the color choose a color right next to the light spot. Like the brown in my hair to get rid of that sun spot.

Then paint the light spot with that color.

Then change the opacity of the layer. I slide the opacity level until the patch blends in. This allows the texture to show through while the color corrects the area.
Flatten the layers and you fixed the patch. Repeat the steps to fix any other patches like faces, or anything else and you have yourself a better photo…
Now the sun whiting out faces and glaring on your hair was just a thing of the past.
( I also enhanced the photo with a great PS action free from

Tomorrow I have one final tip to wrap up photoshop week
Faking a blurred background
See you then!
Oh and there is still time to enter to win Photoshop CS5!
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