It’s that time of year again the time the sun shines in through our window beckoning us to come out and play. I find myself spending my whole day outside with the kids and when very little time left for crafting, so I am all about the quick projects. Like this one today. Starting with a basic ruffle skirt I picked up at Walmart for $3.50 I simply added a little tie belt and I had a new little skirt.
 Summer can be enjoyed in a comfortable jersey skirt with a lovely little garden bloom belt. Want to make one yourself? It’s really easy, and has a lot of different possibilities.

 Here is the skirt I started with. Basic comfy jersey skirt with layers of ruffles and hidden shorts underneath (a huge bonus for a little girl who is always lifting her skirt.)
 Then I cut a small little shape out of felt to be the base of the belt. 
 Then I cut out some long jersey strips and sewed them to the sides of the base piece. They should be long enough to tie around the waist.
 Next I made two types of flowers I made white ones out of jersey following THIS tutorial. Then I made felt flowers out of different colors using THIS tutorial. Then I added a few leafs and beads for details. I sewed them all down to the base piece and then I cut around the flowers to remove the extra felt from the edges.
(sorry for such a blurry picture ekk!)
 So now you have a belt. Which could actually be a headband… (and there maybe one of those coming up 🙂 You could leave this loose and then it could be worn with any outfit, for an adult or child. 
 However I tacked it down to the skirt since little ones are always playing around and the last thing I wanted to worry about was the belt coming loose or falling off stopping her from playing freely so I tacked it down to secure it.
 There you have it a Garden Bloom skirt.
 I love the pop of color it adds and of course the floral aspect.
 I also love the big floppy bow in the back that flaps around as she runs.