Shall we finish up the baby pants for the “go-to” baby boy gift set? Sweet! (assuming you all said yes of course) They are so easy to make no messing around with the front or back and they sew up in seconds. I even made mine out of some old pants so it saved me the time for hemming. Want to make some yourself?

 To get started I used a baby pant pattern I made for myself when my son was just a baby, then I used it when my daughter was a little baby. I made it based on a vintage pattern but I made adjustments to fit my kids to my liking. I have a paper copy for my own use but you could make a pattern by folding a pair of baby pants in half and simply tracing the leg add length at the top for an elastic casing. Then you cut it out on a fold, since you don’t need a front and back slope for babies. (at least in my opinion you don’t) I took some old khaki pants for this project lined the pattern up with the bottom of the hem so the fold was along the side stitch of the pant. Then when it is unfolded you should have two legs that look like the leg above. Then your pants get the detail of the side stitch and nice thick hem, without the work.
 Start by folding your legs right sides together and sewing from the bottom of the leg to the end of the curve.
 Then with one leg right side out and one inside out put the right side out leg inside the other one. Line them up so the seams all match (the right sides should be together)
 Sew the two legs together along the “U” shape of the curve.
 Then fold the top under.
 Then fold it under again. This creates the fold for the casing.
 Starting in the middle back sew all around the bottom edge of the fold and then stop in back leaving a gap so you can slide the elastic in. Put the elastic in. I decided how much elastic based on the stretch of the elastic. I make sure that the pants can stretch to full size even with the elastic. Then sew the elastic in place and close the opening.
 Then you are done with some super easy baby pants. Unless you didn’t use pants and then you may need to add a hem. For me I took advantage of the side stitches and hem of the old pants.
 Bam! Baby pants ready for a little man to be dressed in comfort and style.
That completes the little man gift set.