As an Aesthetician and laser hair technician I get asked all the time how to remove peach fuzz. There is a quick and easy at home treatment that not only removes peach fuzz but also exfoliates skin leaving it ultra smooth.
Dermaplaning  is a pain free alternative to waxing or tweezing unwanted facial/body hair. Dermaplaning is a spa treatment where a technician uses a surgical blade to manually exfoliate the outermost layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), exposing the fresh, healthy skin cells. You can get the same results yourself and get smooth, fuzz free skin. 
      I have been doing this treatment myself for years and I love how my skin looks afterwards. I used to just use it on my peach fuzz sideburns but now about once a month I will do my whole face, it removes all those lovely blonde hairs on my chin/upper lip/eyebrows but it also exfoliates so my skin feels amazing afterwards. You can really see a difference once you put on your makeup because it goes on so smooth, it looks flawless.
      So anytime someone asks me about peach fuzz I teach them how to dermaplane. Most stores title them “eyebrow shapers”, the picture above are what they are packaged like in each store. You can find them in the cosmetic department usually by the eyelash curlers and tweezers and they are under $5. 
How To Dermaplane:
Step 1:
Clean skin thoroughly and apply toner. Make sure skin is completely dry.
Step 2:
Hold skin taut with one hand, hold blade in other hand at a 45 degree angle against skin, shaving upwards. Repeat over desired areas. 
Step 3:
Rinse off and apply serum & moisturizer. 
Repeat treatment as needed or before a big event for smooth flawless skin.

*Dermaplaning removes your outermost layer of skin making your skin more sensitive to the sun , so always remember your sunscreen! 🙂
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