I like simple. Throw summer in the mix and simple is a neccecity. Kids want to run outside and play they want to be their own boss, they want to be comfortable and they want their clothes to be easy. (unless your 2 year old is in a belt phase and insists on adding a belt to every outfit they are not simple) When it comes to sewing I LOVE simple. It’s fun to get crazy and make something complex every now and again but simple is king. Todays skirt is a lot like the simple denim skirt I shared a while back.It is the same in that it is denim with a jersey knit waist band but this time I skipped the elastic, and ruffled the denim.

 This allows the skirt to have bounce and movement and no restrictions for little movers. So would you like to make one with me? Let’s get started!

 Start with some denim a strip long enough to wrap around your little one twice. Then ruffle it up. I used a light weight denim I took off an old skirt of mine, but you can buy denim or use any fabric you like. Ruffle the top to gather it and hem the bottom the skirt should be whatever the desired length is.

 Then sew the side seam making one large loop. (just ignore the black piece, it just came on the denim that I took off the old skirt.)

 Next let’s make a band… of jersey knit. (although a real band would be sweet)I used the bottom half of the tee left from this project. The band should stretch to fit around the waist of the person you are making the skirt for. Stretch comfortably but still be tight enough to stay secure.

 Next you will sew the band folded in half so the side seam is on the inside of the folded band, sew that to the right side of the skirt piece. It gets a little tricky here, I said little, since once you do this once you will realize how easy it can be and do it with ease in the future but if this is your first time you may think it is a little tricky. The band is not the same width of the skirt piece. So you will have to stretch the band as you sew so that they fit together. I pin in place the to sides and the front and back and then stretch to fit in between each point. Then you are done. Easy and simple right?

 The best thing for a skirt loving little summer adventurer.

 The jersey band is super comfortable and easy to slip on and yes it does stay put even without the belt, summer freedom and wardrobe freedom, there is nothing better.