Day two of our boys tee week! A while back when I made the Hey Jude tee, my first go at the tee didn’t go very well, sometimes things don’t go as planned, so the shirt went in the “do-over” pile. I liked the contrast stitching and faded look the shirt had from the dye job. It was a perfect candidate for the color blocking tee. I love the idea of bold color blocking and breaking up the blocks to create some stripes was just an added touch. 
 To make one yourself start with a square. Any size you like. I put fusible interfacing ironed on to one side in order to help with the sewing later. 
 Then cut the square into strips. 
 Pin the strips to the shirt where you would like them to be. 
 I did two squares and I added the number 4 just for my little guy. Then sew them into place. I trimmed away the part that hung over on the sleeve.
 Then you’re done. Simple enough right? It’s a fun way to make a bold statement. 
 And a happy little boy, one more new shirt down. 3 more to go 🙂
Don’t forget to add your boy’s shirts to the Boys tee week flickr group!