Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Wee-wee pad runway

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  1. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    I cant say I am loving or hating Season 2 just yet – with the unconventional episode being so early on, I haven&#39;t been drawn into the Season yet and fallen in love with anyone yet. <br /><br />I would say I was most disappointed with Bert this Season, I don&#39;t care if you have immunity or not – he just threw the whole project away with an &#39;I dont care&#39; attitude, which really

  2. liZ evans

    I missed this week and was sad…but apparently I didn&#39;t miss out on too much. I&#39;m sad Bert didn&#39;t do better I&#39;ve been expecting good things from him. <br /><br />And I totally agree that bird seed dress looks way better than the one that won.<br /><br />Thanks for the update, now I don&#39;t feel so bad about missing it.<br />liZ<br />(simplesimonandco)

  3. Zoe

    I didn&#39;t really like this episode, not too much inspiring. <br /><br />I did not understand why Oliver won either- I thought the dress was extremely unflattering on the model and the eyebrows- yuck!<br /><br />I liked the birdseed dress the best too. Hopefully next week will get more interesting!

  4. mama marchand

    Hands down, I thought Viktor should have won! The hubs was playing video games in the same room when I watched this episode and &quot;wee wee pads&quot; are now a part of our everyday vocabulary. 😉

  5. ajoy181984

    I love watching Anya. It is neat seeing what she comes up with and watching her learn how to sew as she goes. But agree that it is a bit boring so far, no one is really expressing who they are as a designer or person in the work room. Last week I got so bored I fast forward to the runway show.

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