Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Off the Track

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  1. The Extra Ordinary Bree

    Yep… lets destroy all the grey (especially the wierd tye dye stuff!) at Mood! <br /><br />I liked Viktor&#39;s look, I mean what&#39;s not to like but I wouldn&#39;t say I got excited about it. But Josh C&#39;s top… That was awesome! I. Love. It!<br /><br />I think Josh got the second win because they were impressed with his leadership skills but I think he&#39;s just a bully. How is that

  2. Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother

    I think the judges got it right with Viktor – I don&#39;t think that Joshua deserved to win, especially in light of how he treated Becky. He was a JERK and that kind of behavior should not be rewarded – no matter how good the design is. And I have to say his team didn&#39;t impress me, his designs are too bedazzled, Anya keeps creating the same thing over and over, and Becky was just pushed

  3. Zoe

    Yeah, Viktor&#39;s was about the only one I liked. The grey is VERY boring and I felt really bad for Becky this episode.<br /><br />I was really confused by what they wanted in this challenge- I am not surprised that the looks coming down the runway were very odd.<br /><br />Thanks for the recap, enjoy reading it!

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