Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Judges say what??

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  1. Lauren K.

    I agree with you, the judges are losing it! Victor can make clothes so well. That jacket is awesome, and fitted perfectly. I think Anya gets lucky with hers, especially having sewn for only 4 months…how is that even possible! Haha. Bert is crazy. I severely dislike almost everything he does, except for the 1st week. Oh and about the Piperlime girl Olivia. I laughed when I saw her…she was on

  2. nest full of eggs

    I noticed Bert's dress already sold out @ piperlime (they were selling it for $98), but Anya's jumper selling for $198 is not sold out…

  3. Jennifer

    I completely agree! I was sure Viktor was going to win! And I was really hoping Joshua was going home – his first look was horrendous! And they never really explained why Anthony Ryan was going home over Joshua. I didn't get any of it!!

  4. liZ evans

    #1. I love Viktor&#39;s clothes—he&#39;s awesome and I thought he should have won.<br />#2. i CAN&#39;T BELIEVE THAT ANTHONY RYAN GOT SENT HOME—he is my total favorite—I like his designs and he is nice…I love him…then theres Joshua who makes wonky, wierd, ill fitting clothes and is super nasty…I think they kept him on just for pure drama.<br />liZ<br />(simplesimonandco)<br />ps—I

  5. Natalie

    The judges seriously couldn&#39;t make me more crazy. I had to stop watching the show. Think how awesome it would be if Tim and maybe one other cool person were the judges? I have had waaaaayy too much of these ones. Anya&#39;s looks suck, and Bert&#39;s 2nd &quot;dress&quot; makes me want to barf. Viktor is totally being robbed, like Mondo was. I have never liked much of what Joshua did,

  6. Bright Angel

    Oh my goodness!! Joshua totally should have been the one to go!! Those pants were absolutely horrendous and I do not think anyone in the right mind would wear them, especially with that top! What the heck were the judges thinking?? And I loved Viktor&#39;s looks. Crazy!

  7. Evelene S

    I don&#39;t watch the show but from your pics it seems that you were dead on with your comments. It seems the trend is if one&#39;s boobs are hanging all out the outfit is a hit-but classic gets shot down every time. I would wear Viktor&#39;s clothes in a heartbeat.

  8. montanachic

    I agree with you on everything except for Berts dress, I thought it was simple and beautiful, but then I do like 70s leaning fashion. His first look was totally roller derby! I agree that Anya is a one hit wonder, but her clothes do have a sophisticated edge that is attractive. And Joshua…. I just don&#39;t get it. In the past the judges kill contestants who don&#39;t really do the

  9. Helene

    Yep, I think I agree with pretty much everything you&#39;ve said, especially with HOW COME JOSSH DIDN&#39;T GET SENT PACKING THIS WEEK??????? Those pants, they were scary! And as much as I adore Anya, and can&#39;t quite believe what she managed to do with $11.50, I do think Viktor was robbed this week. He really should have won. I don&#39;t know what has the judges make their decisions. My

  10. ppags

    I don&#39;t understand the obsession with jumpers… I mean how are women supposed to go the bathroom with those things on?!? They remind me of the footy Pajamas my kids wore when they were little. No Thank You!<br /><br />And poor Anthony Ryan! I loved him. I can&#39;t stand Joshua, but he will stay on (I bet) till the last three. This is my first season of project runway and I am already

  11. April

    The fact that Anthony Ryan got sent home instead of Bert or Joshua is an absolute atrocity! Totally agree with you about him vs. Anya…I actually thought his dress was better than both of Anya&#39;s looks…although I do love Anya…I think she is a one hit wonder to an extent, but I mean you could say the same thing about a wedding dress designer…they only do one thing, but they do it well…

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