Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Designing for the Birds

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  1. Bright Angel

    I am glad that they finally got rid of Bert. After his drama with Joshua and his lack of truly creative or inspired designs, it was time for him to go. I agree with you for sure that Anya needs to design a way into things. That is getting a bit ridiculous. But I loved her design!

  2. Mauri

    So glad Bert went home! I was a little tired of his boring designs. I really like Joshua's dress but he had to go and throw a corsage on the shoulder. Why oh why hasn't he learned to live the frou frou off? I liked both of Kim and Viktors' designs. I agree Viktor needs to let the attitude go. Loved Anya's but I mean, come on, she didn't even think about how someone would

  3. April

    I think Anya was the clear winner. I believe this is a design contest, I have heard Micheal on multiple occasions say that this is not project seamstress, so while I can understand that it may be frustrating to lose to someone with not as much sewing expirience overall the design is what matters to me things like the fact that she needed some kind of zipper or whatever don't really matter to

  4. montanachic

    I don't think that in the real world designers make all their samples so I don't mind Anya's zipper problem. In fact in the first season of Project Catwalk (England's project runway) in the finals the designers were given someone to sew all their samples for them. Anyway I agree with the Victor thing, love his designs hate his copy thing. Honestly his dress reminded me of Laura

  5. kathy

    I agree with all your comments and I also agree that Anya is clearly the best designer. I don&#39;t love her look but it was well designed and clearly above the rest. I don&#39;t think it matters that her model was sewn in because, as others commented, in the real design world someone else would have solved that technical problem for her so she can just design.<br /><br />I don&#39;t like

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