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Cozy Fall Cardigan

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  1. Domestic Debbie

    Too cute for words. I love cardigans!

  2. Gina

    If I had a better clue about sewing I would LOVE to make this for my munchkin, but I don&#39;t. I really need to find someone to give me some lessons.<br />This is super adorable and gets me all excited for fall!<br />definitely bookmarking this 🙂

  3. AA

    très joli j&#39;aime beaucoup<br />very cute, love the combinations <br />how do you sew crochet item on fabric, by hands or sewing machine?<br />i&#39;m a crocheter and i sew just a little, i always wonder how to sew crochet item, on fabric but not only, with sewing machine, which needles, what kind of stitches .. do you use? <br />alliandra

  4. Dorothee-Maria Lotufo

    Wow, this is too adorable.<br />I will totally try this!<br />I am so excited! Can&#39;t wait it!<br />Thank you very much for sharing this!<br />♥

  5. DolceDreams

    Absolutely adorable!!! ( the cardigan is too!)<br />Nathalie

  6. Em

    I&#39;m new to facing and read you tutorial on it, but I&#39;m wondering about the fabric that should be used for it. I&#39;m making the cardigan featured above from a knit maternity shirt and don&#39;t know what type of fabic to use as the facing. Should it also be knit to mimic the stretch? Or can it be a cotton calico?

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