So my parents are in town and my husbands sister just arrived in town, we are in the middle of refinishing our kitchen (man oh man that is a lot of work) and then I get hit with a massive sinus infection. So with out making a ton of excuses (even though I think that is a pretty valid list) I may skip I few lessons, and re-visit them in a little bit. However, I did manage some time this week to make a garment using some of the lessons from this week. It is a cozy fall cardigan! September is here, which means fall is coming up sooner rather than later and I can’t wait. I thought I would kick it off with a cozy cardigan since, there is nothing better than cozy layers. 
Especially with contrasting textures are added in. 
So let’s get started shall we?

 To make this cardigan I used an old long sleeved knit top of mine I had sitting in my pile. Then following the drafting instructions HERE I made my pattern following a knit top of my daughters. The only difference is I made the sleeves longer and I cut them from the end of the existing sleeve. (that way they are already hemmed and sewn up the side) I also cut the front piece down the middle and then I ended up angling the neck in to trim the corner. (but you could leave it I just hate when it flaps down)  I also followed the instructions for facing and cut out my facing.

 Then for the sewing start by sewing your facing at the shoulders. You will also sew the cardigan front and back pieces at the shoulders. Then I serged around the outer edge of the facing so it would have a finished edge.

 Then with right sides together sew the facing to the cardigan along the front slit and neck opening.

 Then turn the facing to the inside and stitch it in place. I also folded under the edge of the facing and stitched that in place, it is a lot easier to do if the edge is serged, although you could just leave it. Next with the right sides together (so inside out) sew along the side seams of the cardigan (from the arm pit down)

 Next with the right sides together you will line up your sleeve with the opening. Match the seam up under the arm and gather the top if needed. (it gives it a more feminine look)

 (you can ignore the spot that looks like a stain it is just wet from the spray starch) Now at this point you have a basic cardigan. However to make it a little something extra special (and cozy) I added a few details.

 The first was a floral detail along the side neckline. To do this cut out circles. (the more you use the fuller the floral design will be)

 Fold the circle in half and then in half again. (it will look like a cone shape)

 Then with a needle and thread starting at the bottom of where you want it to be, start taking down the tips of the folded circles so they overlap and build as you go up.

 When you get to the top add a few going the other direction scattered in and you are done.

 The last thing I did was add some cozy pockets. For these, my mom has been teaching me how to crochet while she is out here (and knit it’s pretty sweet) So while I am learning and could have likely made these rectangles which I think were a single? I commissioned my mom to make them form me, because she is so kind and whipped these out in less than 1 hour, yeah… It would have taken me a week ha! If you don’t crochet or knit, you could use a sweater that you cut very carefully, or any cozy fabric, just make a rectangle the size you want and sew down the sides and bottom. Then I added a button just to the pocket, since buttons are just too cute to pass up.

 I love all the combinations of textures with the soft knit, the crochet pockets in a chunky yarn, and the ruffled floral detail…

It all makes for a pretty cozy cardigan!

 A cute cozy little pocket for a little one’s treasures…

 It may be the perfect little cardigan! I am so excited for fall it is my favorite time of year and that means more fun cardigans!

Even if they do some how make my sweet little baby look all grown up.