This week we will use our new ribbing skills and make a top. Sound good? This is a great scrap busting project and you can easily mix and match different knits together to get the look you want.

 I choose birds for my little miss independent. (unless it means out of sight from me, or interacting with others ha!) She does however feel she can do everything by herself. Wen like strong willed independent children, it’s fun watching them grow, and learn. So would you like to make an easy effortless, comfy top for the little one in your life?

 We are going to start with the bodice (you can draft that here) Sleeves and all.
Then sew the sleeve along the flat edge to create a tube. Sew the bodice at the shoulder, and side seams. Then you will put the sleeve in the arm opening and sew right sides together (gather the top of the sleeve if needed)

 Next sew the rib knit to the neck opening and sleeves (as shown here) Now you have a bodice.

 Create a lower part or skirt part of the top by following the width of the bodice, you can make it get wider as it goes down if you like. (include seam allowances) Make two pieces front and back.

 Next we will cut the ribbing for the bottom. You want the ribbing long enough that when it stretches it is the same width as the bottom of the skirt piece. (the ribbing is shown folded above.)

 Sew the rib knit right sides together to create a tube for the bottom.

 Then just as you did before stretch as you sew.

 There you have a nice little bubble hem for the bottom of the skirt.

 Now sew the bodice to the skirt by sewing right sides together.

 Next I cut out some birds in an array of sizes and with the opposite colors I made some “patches” by ironing on some interfacing to the back of the knit fabric and cutting out the shapes. Then I pinned them in place where I wanted them.

 Using embroidery floss and a needle I stitched all the birds in place. On the larger bird I added the word “fly”

 There you have it the “fly away with me” top. A fun mix of colors.

 Since it is all knit it is super comfortable for young kids to run around and be free in.

 I just love the bold graphic and mix of colors, it makes a great transition to fall piece.