So last week they showed scenes from next week where they showed it was another team challenge. (ick) However this really wasn’t a team challenge at all. Or the designers didn’t think of it that way. They didn’t have to work together at all, the looks didn’t have to go together (although they all did… as garbage) Men’s wear challenges are always weird for me. I feel like it should be enough of a challenge that they are making something for a man, but instead it is always something specific for a man. (like the one with the guy from the morning show who basically had to wear a suit) Or this weeks challenge dressing a band. Who I guess wanted to be dressed like they were a band in the 70’s. (either that or the designers were way off) So not really liking anything from this week we will just look at all the designs…

 The winner this week was Viktor. I am really starting to like him as my favorite, I really liked the jeans he made even if I thought the distressing could have been more than just the knees, but the back was really great. I also liked the shirt ok. I like that it was short sleeve since I love a man’s arms but that could just be me. The jacket? I hate it. But the judges loved it. SO I could be alone on that.  I just thought it looked sloppy and weirdly hairy? I don’t really like fringe I guess. I think I could have passed on the headband too, for a more modern look. Other wise he did a pretty good job.

 Oliver, the men’s wear designer went home this week. I am glad he’s gone, he drives me nuts. He complains way too much and he has never done anything all that impressive. I am a little surprised he lasted as long as he did, although at the beginning I found him somewhat charming… The only thing I have to say about his design is I don’t think it is as bad as the judges thought it was… I mean this looks much better than…

 This, and Bert landed in the top with this disaster. It looks so sloppy. Talk about proportion problems, the sweater thing is way too long and saggy looking the shirt is way to short and while the pants are fine they are purple. And those braids…. I am with Heidi on this one, they look weird. He looks like a creepy serial killer. Oliver’s outfit, (although pretty bad as well) made him look way less creepy and weird.

 Then there is Anya. (who I love) but this shirt is really weird and poorly made. She dresses the exact way the band wanted to look, vintage meets rock and roll, so I am a little surprised she could’t deliver something better than this. The pants would have been ok, if the back didn’t split when he sat down to drum…

 Kimberly was the other one in the bottom this week, and almost went home. The outfit was pretty bad, The shirt was weird. The pants look fine, but I guess they were cut wrong? I couldn’t notice what they were talking about and I think it is funny that they thought the fans would notice that the back of the drummers pants were a different color (due to nap) than the front… Have they been to a concert? They look fine to me. They shirt though it’s just weird.

 Laura made these weird bell bottoms and air-pit-hair-fringe-jacket The as Michael Kors said “blood splattered top” was weird I did’t totally think it looked blood splattered until he said that and then it was all I could think of. The Jacket would have been better without the fringe and without the scarf. The pants could have been cool if they had less flair. She was safe this week, but only since no one did a great job.

 Joshua made this outfit. I liked the print of the top (I just a bought a print like that and I love it!) I like the fit of the pants. I hate the vest and the fringe. (again with the fringe) Although this is not totally my taste I think he did a good job and making the 70’s flair modern, he just overdid it a bit.

Anthony Ryan was making nearly the same pair of pants as Joshua only they don’t fit nearly as well. Saggy crotch and all. The print of the top is pretty cool I just wish it had a sleeve. For me sleeveless is a little trashy on a guy.

So that’s the recap of a really weird episode. Please let there not be any more team challenges, and please let the designers design something cool.

What were your thoughts? Love it hate it wish there was more men’s wear?