Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Come as you are

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  1. Zoe

    Thanks for the recap. I like talking about the episodes too and my husband won&#39;t even watch it with me! I tried to talk to the ladies at work about it to and none were interested either. <br /><br />I agree with you on Bryce&#39;s design. Coming down the runway it was my favorite- it just looked so pretty and flowing. I am not really a fashion follower so I don&#39;t ever know what the judges

  2. Krista

    I can&#39;t believe Anya has only sewn for a few months. I wonder if she got lucky this week or what? Although her pants look great if you really look at them… look how low the crotch is. Isn&#39;t it kind of weird? Still, I liked her look best, and she seems genuinely sweet.

  3. Bless by Tone

    would love a make something from your PJ party

  4. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    So thankful someone is doing a PR rundown! I need someone to talk to about this, considering my husbands main comment is – &#39;you aren&#39;t going to make me watch that, are you?&#39;<br /><br />Anya is blowing me out of the water – mainly because of what she can do with only a few months under her belt. I mean – really?!! I am struggling to believe her in all reality. At 3 – 4 months I was

  5. April

    Definitely wanted Burt to win! I think they cut the right person, but I think Julie should have been the bottom two. Becky is one of my faves. I am already working on an knockoff of that little short jacket of hers. Anya rocks, but I would have prefered the shirt to not show the tummy…I just think it&#39;s tacky no ma tter what your abs look like. I was really hoping they wouldn&#39;t let

  6. Nicole

    I LOOOOOVE Project Runway….the seasons DEFINITELY need to be closer together!! I was SOO excited for it to start that I got myself all worked up a week to soon. You can imagine my disappointment when it wasn&#39;t on last when like I was hoping for!! Love the blog and the recap!

  7. Refugee Crafter

    I kept thinking the same thing about the pants looking safety-pinned too! Im wondering if Anya got lucky too, but i think she and her accent are adorable. Happy she&#39;s still in. Burt is so lovable. Glad he won. <br /><br />Actually, I really liked the black and white number. I&#39;m surprised it didn&#39;t get more attention. Too safe? Not enough use of the pajama? Dunno. <br /><br />I thought

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