Ok let’s face it if you have been around the blog for awhile it is no secret that I LOVE project runway. If you sew chances are you do to. Last season I made a slew of projects that were inspired by the designs of Project Runway and then of course we had our first ever Project Toddler Runway competition. (which was a blast and may be revisited here soon 🙂 This year along with projects inspired by the designs, I thought I would do my own little recap. I mean who doesn’t love talking about project runway? Besides my husband who rolled his eyes when I got all giddy with excitement over it being back on… So I am breaking it down very simply.
The winner
The looser
My favorites
and one left for What the Heck???
All pictures are courteous of Lifetime and you can hop over and watch the first episode if you haven’t seen it already. 

 The winner this week was Bert! I say woohoo! I really wanted to see him come up with something amazing since he worked with some amazing designers back in the day, and I loved his dress. From the very first moment his boxers were draped up on the dress form I knew I would love his dress. His styling I agree needs some work but he totally deserved the win I love this! Totally inspired me in so many ways!

 The looser this week was Rafael. I have to say I am not sure his was the worst ever, but it was bad. The judges ripped him a new one for that necklace, I have never been a fan of bib necklaces. (which I guess are out according to the judges) but this one did throw the outfit off. I feel like he added it just to please Tim and he may have stayed ugly pants and all if he left the necklace out. The pants are just ill fitting which says a lot for these skinny little models that should be able to wear anything. Maybe a longer top would have helped?

 Ok now for the I loved it. Anya created this look which was pretty great considering she just learned to sew a few months back. The top is pretty even though most of the details seemed to come from the night dress, but the pants? They blew me away they fit like I dream I love the color, the fit, the style. Who knew a white bed sheet could look so good. She did a great job with them!

 Next up was Bryce. He was safe this week not in the top or bottom but for some reason his was one of my favorites on the runway. Everyone had really short skirts it seemed. (this one as well) However this one at least looked classy up and down the runway, and I loved that it was balanced with such a full and long sleeved top. I love the billowing sleeves, grey color, and peekaboo shoulder.

Lastly the What the Heck?? I mean really this wasn’t even the bottom two? My favorite is when Christina Ricci pointed out that she could have dyed the fabric or manipulated it somehow to look classy. I totally agree I mean My PJ’s would not be much better but come on what was Julie thinking with this? The pants where all weird at the waist almost like she safety pinned them on and the shirt is just awful. The other two in the bottom with her at least showed some creativity in the design.

So what did you think? Should we have a “make something out of our PJ” party? Where you inspired by any of the designs? Do you think they choose the right winner and looser?