There are a lot of elements to clothing pockets for example add detail, and design but they are also very functional. Especially in kids clothing, pockets are great places for kids to store all of the things their little hands like to collect. I thought I would start today with pants pockets. I showed how to do these once before, but I have much improved on them since. So here we go. Start by drafting some pants. (need help drafting?)Then on the front leg piece, opposite of the front curve you are going to draw a pocket on. This can be any shape you like. 

 Next cut out your front piece cutting out the pocket you just drew in. (but save the cut out piece) Then you are going to make the facing for the pocket (or the inside) by tracing the edge of the cutout. Then add a curve on the bottom. how deep the curve pieces goes down is how deep your pockets will be.

 Next with your facing cut out you will simply line up the cut out pocket piece from the pant front and trace all around the edge of the facing and pocket piece.

 This will give you your pocket patter piece.

 So now you should have a pocket piece, a facing piece, and a front pant piece. The pieces should all line up pretty nicely if you were to stack them.

 Once cut you should have two front leg pieces.

 Two facing pieces (I always use a fun print since it will be on the inside.) And two pocket pieces. They don’t have to match the pants, but these do.

 Start by sewing the two pant legs right sides together along the curved edge.

 Next sew right sides together sewing the facing to the pocket edge. Then clip the curve. (or you can use pinking shears like I did)

 Next press the facing to the back of the pant and top stitch in place along the pocket curve. This will secure the facing in place and help keep the pocket tucked in.

 Next lay the pocket piece over the facing, face down so the right sides are together.

 Then pin the pocket to the facing but not to the pant.

 Then sew along the inside edge of the pocket. (again don’t sew it to the pant. (unless that’t the look you are going for I guess)

 Now you should have pockets that are open on the top and side. (those will be sewn into the side seam and waistband.)

The last thing I do is sew the pockets in place along the top and side so that they are secure when you sew the seam. There you have pockets for pants. (we will finish up these pants for next weeks garment)