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Sewing 101: Seams

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  1. mama marchand

    So easy to understand! Thanks for this new feature. I&#39;m taking a &quot;get to know your sewing machine class&quot; next month but already, I feel like I can do this just from this simple tutorial.<br /><br />Y&#39;all rock!

  2. Holymojo

    This is great! Thank you for this new series!

  3. Georgine

    Thanks fir this series! It will be very useful for me!

  4. Lauren Fisher

    This is so awesome. Love back to the basics…love your blog!!

  5. Gina

    So my first visit to your blog was to check out the adorable cardigan you made for your little one and looking around I found this!! I am so excited and I feel that I understand more than not your explanations so my sewing machine might actually get out of the box! <br />Thank you!!

  6. Amanda Webster

    This is awesome information as I just need some refresher information.<br /><br />thanks,<br />Amanda

  7. prettylittlethingsinabox

    thank you for the lovely tutorial.. this is awesomeee… very helpful for newbies like myself.<br />cheers..

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