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Sewing 101: Ribbing

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  1. TeaEllePea

    Thank you soooo much for this post! I just took a few of my husbands tshirts to refashion for myself and I was trying to figure out a more finished/polished technique. Many thanks.

  2. April

    Great tutorial! Love it!

  3. Jessica

    If only you posted this a few weeks ago! I made my daughter an adorable knit raglan but the collar is all wonky. Now I know why, I didn&#39;t stretch the collar while I sewed :-)<br />Thanks!<br />

  4. Lynda

    Perfect timing- I was just about to start PJ&#39;s for fall. Thanks so much!

  5. feelincrafty

    This is perfect! i was just looking at some fabric last night and thougth I want to make pj&#39;s but how to ai do the edge. Thanks!

  6. kaci + tom

    thanks for this post — i am a brand new beginner sewer who is interested in making comfy clothes for my kid. which, i&#39;m learning, includes using things like ribbing! can&#39;t wait to get my hands on some after seeing this info.

  7. Siska Priscilla

    Just wondering if you could tell me what sort of needle do you use? I am struggling sewing ribbed knit at the moment. Do you use ballpoint needle?

    1. LaPriel

      I always use a Schmetz universal needle size 80/12. But, a lot of people use the ball point needles.

  8. Lady Mockingbird

    Do you have a good source for rib knit? From what I know its difficult to find..

    1. LaPriel

      Or, I purchased a rib knit tank top at Walmart and used it. They have lots of colors in the girls department.

  9. Sarah Seufert

    THANKS for the detailed tutorial on adding ribbing (knit) to necklines &amp; bottom of sleeves. I plan to alter/ repurpose USED T-shirts for kids &amp; this will help. New ribbing in bright colors is my plan by using adult T-shirt fabric in good condition. Sarah in Minneapolis

  10. Leisa B

    Perfect tutorial. Thanks so quick and easy!

  11. LaPriel

    Dear Schwin and Schwin,

    How do I know how much ribbing to use for a v- neck or a scooped neck t shirt?

    Thanks you.

    1. Shauna

      I measure the neckline and then subtract about 1.5″ from that since you want the ribbing to stretch to fit. You can subtract more if desired. Best rule of thumb make sure the ribbing can stretch enough to fit over the head 🙂

  12. Amy

    This is an awesome tutorial, thanks for explaining it so well.

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  14. ingrid

    aren’t those straight stitches going to snap when you stretch it over the head? I would tend to sew the rib on with a narrow zig zag, and then topstitch with a double needle which makes an elastic seam..?

    1. Shauna

      Since you stretch the ribbing while you sew the stitches will still stretch over the head without snapping, I sew with a straight stitch all the time with knits, the only time I use a stretch stitch are when I need the seam to stretch.

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  16. Anne Williams

    Yes great, I know all this but WHERE CAN IBUY THE RIBBING?

  17. Lynn

    Where have you found the best place to buy ribbing for t-shirt necklines – WITHIN THE UNITED STATES?

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