Today is the next button hole lesson. The bound button holes. Obviously not a button hole you would use for everything, but they have a nice “decorative” look to them. There is a raw edge left in back so it is best to use with fabric that won’t fray. (or you can put no-fray glue on them to keep them from fraying)

I am showing you one method today the patch method, but there are several ways to create a bound button hole. To start this one you will need the garment you are putting the button hole on and a patch. (the patch should be at least 1 inch wider than the button hole size you want and 2 inches taller than you want.) Center the patch over the desired button hole location. Pin right sides together.

Next Mark your button hole by marking both sides of the button hole. (add a little room on either side)

Then you will draw a rectangle 1/8 inch up from the button hole line and 1/8 inch down from the button hole line. The sides are the sides of the button hole.

Then sew around the edge of the rectangle.

Then you will cut a slit along the center line. You will want to cut in at an angle in the corners. (this will create little triangles at either end.

Then push the fabric through to the back.

Press the button hole so it is flat.

Next you will create small pleats so the fold of the pleat meets in the middle of the hole.

Then with the right side up fold the side of the fabric up to expose the side of the backing. Sew a straight line along the edge. Be sure you are sewing the little triangle down.

Next fold up the bottom and sew along the edge. Be sure to sew the little flap down. Repeat with the other side and top doing the same thing.

Then if you turn around to the back you should have a nice little rectangle. Trim away the extra fabric. (this is where you could glue the edges so they won’t fray using THIS)

And there you have it a nice cute little bound button hole.