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Sewing101: Bound Button Holes

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  1. Andrea

    Great tutorial, pictures are perfect. Thanks!

  2. Kate

    LOVE this! I don't think I've ever seen this before and your tutorial/pictures make it seem VERY doable! THANK YOU for sharing this and so many other great techniques/idea!

  3. zahra

    so nice!!thanks a lot , but i have a problem with this buttonhole,what about the back of buttonhole??i mean i gonna sew this hole on a wool coat,what i hv to do?another bound buttonhole on back or…what??please help me

  4. Jane Holbrook

    Like Zahra, I sewed mine onto a completed jacket. It needs t be sewn onto the outer layer before the lining is attached. The tutorial is good, and easier than many. My buttonholes turned out very nice. I am pleased, because I made the jacket in 2005 and have worn it without buttons several times, always intending to finish it with bound buttonholes. Today I did it! Since the lining is already

  5. The Wool Coat Tutorial || Shwin&Shwin

    […] her little hands warm. I made a welt style pocket. To do this it is almost like making a very large bound button hole. Start with a rectangle that is wider and taller than the pocket size you want. Pin it to the front […]

  6. Aurélie Schillebeeks-Mpiutu

    thank you, I don’t have a sewingmachine with automatic buttonholes, this is a good alternative for my jacket!!

  7. Aly

    Is it possible to do a machine button hole
    First and then do a bound button hole? I’m making a coat and the fabric ravels Like crazy

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