sewing for girls

Up-Cycled “designer” Denim

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  1. Mommafo

    I love her top too! Did you knit that?

  2. jenna

    You have the best dressed daughter! Love the stuff you make her!!

  3. Helene

    apart from the fact that the jeans are so gorgeous, and the fact that the little top is absolutely darling, …what is that fantastic font you've used on your images? I'd love to know!

  4. Mammy Made

    I love these!! Well done you!!<br /><br />- Ellie @ Mammy Made

  5. MelanieElla

    I just found you (From a post on pintrest) I&#39;m so glad I did! I&#39;m a few years away from having babies, but I always love to look at little kid fashion and dream of the day I can dress my little one in head to toe cuteness. I&#39;ve had some basic sewing lessons and am excited to get back into it when that day comes. Your photo instructions are very thorough and look simple to follow.

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