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Hello Neutral (dress)

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  1. Andrea, Fabric Envy

    You never cease to amaze me! This dress is brilliant! I absolutely adore it! So glad I sent you that fabric. Thanks again!

  2. BrittaandGeorge

    love it… I would love anything in the gray stripe..

  3. Cherished Bliss

    I love this dress! Just found your blog and am your newest follower, you have some great tutorials : )

  4. Lacrisha

    Oh my goshhhh… first of all that is a delicious dress and I absolutely love the colour pallette too!<br /><br />Second of all… I have been looking for ages but couldnt find for the life of me a tutorial on how you did the slit in the back… I would reeeeeeeeally love it if you could dedicate a post to it one day??? I thiiink I understand it.. its just abit confusing 🙁

  5. strat

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  6. D' Nalof Fashion

    Your workmanship reflects such a wonderful feel for the fabric and the child that will wear it. So much of what is available for kids to wear today is just blah. You show that with a little effort, something can be made with style and simplicity.

  7. Bonnie N

    I would love a pic of the back so we can see the button closure and slit in action!

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