Ruffle Tee || Tutorial

I just want to start today by saying thank you! You guys are the sweetest! You have motivated me to sew more for myself and share it after yesterday’s sweet comments. So thank you! So you know the best part of sewing for me? I almost always have enough scraps left over to make something for Abbey as well. (that never works the other way around) So with the left over knit from the holiday knit dress I made Abbey the ruffle knit top I have been thinking about for awhile. (crew cuts always has similar tops that I love, but hate the price tag so a scrap project is perfect)

I love the way it turned out. I paired it with a belt from another project for an added pop, so that will be shared later. Added bonus we can coordinate outfits without being too matchy-matchy. So let’s make one…

I started with enough scrap knit to make the bodice and the ruffles, but I didn’t have enough for the base of the top. It’s fine since you don’t see it anyway but if you have enough they could match. I just used an old tee to make the base of the skirt part. I patterned the top after a well fitting tee. If you need help drafting check my post on that here. ( I also made sleeves not pictured)

Then for the skirt I sewed the front and back together at the sides to make a tube. Next I drew lines with a ruler across the front and back so that I could follow the lines when I sew the ruffles on. It makes it 10 times easier to get the ruffles on straight.

Then out of some scraps I cut strips that were 1.5X wider than the skirt piece. Then I sewed them together at the sides to make a tube just like the skirt piece You will need as many rings as you have lines drawn, and they should be long enough strips that they over lap the ruffle below it. Since it is knit you don’t have to finish the edge and cutting them imperfect adds to the charm of the top so don’t worry about being perfect here. Then you want to gather the top of each strip. Need help gathering? Check here.

Then pin the ruffles one by one to the skirt lining them up with the lines you drew. Once you sew them on you can cut out the thread you used to gather this will allow the ruffles to stretch a little with the skirt.

Continue sewing the ruffles on until you reach the top.

Then for the bodice. I made the top fully lined so I cut out two front pieces and two back pieces. Sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders. Then sew them right sides together around the neckline. Turn them right side out.

Then add the sleeve and sew the top right sides together along the sleeve and side.

Next sew the bodice to the skirt right sides together.

That’s all there is to it. You could easily make this a dress if you wanted, or make it for yourself as well, I only had enough scraps for a top. But I may be making more in the future.

I just love the look of the soft flowing ruffles.

Down the front and back.

Perfect for the holiday season even…

And just so you know that I am not crazy, it is chilly and so this is how she actually wears it out and about… but I love seeing the ruffles pop through the bottom of the Abbey Jacket.