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The Ruffled knit top

The Ruffled knit top

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  1. clare suzanne

    She is the cutest model. And, my goodness, does she have a wonderful designer for a mother! All of your clothes are stinking adorable! Amazing talent!

  2. BrittaandGeorge

    I love it. You could make a black belt as well to make a look to match you.

  3. Allie

    I just looove. tops like that. Precious and perfect for the holidays. The picture of her bundled up in her coat is too cute.

  4. Morgan Myers

    ADORABLE! <br /><br />It looks perfect with her coat. I want to be just like you when I learn to sew!!

  5. Jennifer

    Adorable! You two will look so cute in your coordinating top/dress combo!

  6. Tara

    Super cute! Ruffles are really charming

  7. Lies:

    Cute! I love the roffles!

  8. Lies:

    ruffles of course…

  9. Daneilia @ Anchors Away

    Very adorable. My little girl and I love us some ruffles.

  10. Emily

    So sweet. Love the ruffles! Now we need a picture of you two in your darling dresses. 😉

  11. Michele

    Oh, she is super cute! Just makes me want to hug her!<br />Great tutorial, thanks so much!<br />Miss my granddaughters!

  12. Vanessa

    How Lovely!!!<br /><br />Vanessa

  13. Jen

    My 3 year old has just demanded I make this for her. Fingers crossed it looks as good, it&#39;s been a while since I have had the sewing machine out.

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