I have a favorite pattern… There I said it. The Maggie Mae tunic Pattern has been so much fun to remix (not to mention the few tunics she already had from the pattern) Don’t worry though I have re-mix ideas for the other patterns too. This dress is one of my favorites but Abbey was in no mood for a photo shoot, so bare with me for the 3 pictures I could get.

 I paired it with the fluffy belt from this dress. The fabric was a perfect match so it just kind of happened. The perfect dress for the transition into spring.

 So to make the dress follow the pattern and instructions for Front and Back A piece. Then for the Front and Back B piece we will make two of the same size pieces. To do this cut both out on a fold but move the piece over from the edge several inches. Then cut the side at and angle for a slight flair. Cut the piece the length you want the dress (keep in mind you will have the Front and Back A piece sewn to the top)

 Then you should have something like this. Front and Back A and Front and Back B.

 Finish the Front and Back A as instructed in the pattern. Then sew the Front and Back B as if it were the Skirt piece of the pattern. (pockets included) Then you should have the skirt piece and top bodice with buttons.

 Gather the top of the skirt piece and sew it right sides together to the bodice.

 Then flip it right side out and top stitch. Hem the bottom and you are done.

 Easy as one two three? You will be whipping these out in no time.

 There are still buttons in the back so you should be able to easily get it on and off. (the fit over my daughters head was just a touch snug, so you could always make the neck opening larger if you needed.)

There you be a cute little dress (and let’s ignore the wrinkle in the bottom, slub linen has a mind of it’s own most days)