sewing for girls Spring Skirts

Twist and Shout skirt

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  1. Bri

    this is pretty darn cute!! I love when crafty fails work out that way 🙂

  2. Eva {Tales of the Scotts}

    So, so cute!!! And where are those shoes from??? Adorbs!!

  3. Georgine

    It looks very J. Crew. In fact, my daughter has a crewcuts skirt that looks very similar to yours, just no bubble. Did you see the Anthropologie skirt is marked way down? Can't believe it, because really who doesn't like spending $128 on a 3 year olds skirt? Ha!

  4. Lauren Dahl

    I love both the skirt and the photo styling! Cute little shoes on Abbey, too!

  5. Cherished Bliss

    I love it! Definitely will be making one for my daughter this spring! : )

  6. Chantal

    Love it. It looks very jcrew-ish. I think im going to try this with some pink nylon chiffon I have laying around for a valentines day skirt.

  7. Katie

    What a fun little skirt!

  8. Stephanie

    So cute and fast (looking)! Did you use the softer tulle? Or just the normal kind?

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