Do you ever make something that you decide is an epic fail and then you shelf it? This skirt is one of those. I found this skirt I love how soft, and flowing it looks. (NOT like mine) I just thought I would try to make one with some tulle I had on hand and well tulle was too stiff. So I thought it was goofy and I put it aside.

 Then I found it while cleaning out my supplies and I let Abbey try it on. It is totally not like the one I loved, but I kind of ended up loving the fail. It is an interesting “twist” on a tutu.

 What is it actually? A twisted bubble skirt. SO it has some cute flow to it. You could make the same idea with nearly any fabric and have a cute look. So here is the tutorial.

 Start with a skirt piece for the front and back. Just make a rectangle that is the length of the skirt you desire, and the width of the Hip measurement plus 1 inch. Cut 2 one front one back.

 Then you will want to cut out the outer layer something light weight. I used tulle. I used 3 yards and just cut the 3 yard strip into the height I wanted which is about 3 inches taller than the rectangle base. so 13 inches X 3 yards for me. You could also just double the width of the base for the top layer. It’s up to you. Then gather one edge.

 Sew the front and back skirt base right sides together at one side to create one long strip. Then sew the gathered edge of the tulle to the skirt base.

 Then with right sides together fold the skirt so the base sides and the tulle sides match up. Sew down the side. (this will create a tube)

 Now you put the seam on the inside and fold the tulle up so the raw edge of the skirt base and the tulle edge meet up. Gather the top edge of the tulle. Now for a normal bubble you would just match the tulle straight upward with the base.

 But instead you want to twist the raw edge so they are off from each other. Twist it over a few inches and then sew the tulle to the base along the top to secure. (I found that using a light steam with the iron helped control the tulle just be careful that you don’t burn the tulle)

 Next cut out a waistband. Just cut a front and back that are the width of the skirt (plus seam allowance) Then sew them together at the sides.

 Fold the band in half width wise and sew it to the skirt. Leave an opening when you sew it so you can add in the elastic then sew the casing shut. Sorry I seem to be missing pictures of that step. If you are a visual person and need help with the waistband step check this skirt post for more details on making a waistband

 Last thing I did was a little embellishment. I cut out a long ribbon shape from felt.

 Then I pleated it, and stitched a line thought the middle to secure.

 Then you are done. With a cute little twisted bubble.

 Then again maybe everything looks cute when it is little?

Either way we are keeping it.