Valentines day may be over. There was a tee that didn’t make the blog before Valentines day, but that is fine since it is not actually a valentines top, it just has hearts on it. You see I have a thing with my kids, where they say “I love you” I say “I love you more” and then we both say “I love you most”

 So for my perfect Navy and White striped tee I added three hearts each getting larger in size.

 Making the tee was really easy. I made it like I do all my go to tunics, following this tutorial. Only this time instead of using measurements I used a shirt as my guide. The shirt was a touch small so I made the sleeves longer and I added length. This made the tunic a slimmer fit.

 Then when the top is unfolded width wise it looks just like a tee. There will still be a fold along the top. So the front and back are one piece. I also cut a facing for the neck, and then I finished the top just like the other tutorial only I skipped the cuffs at the sleeves.

 Then I cut out three hearts from wool felt. I simply stitched around the edge to sew them to the top.

 Then the top was done.

 Simple, quick, and cute. I love the reminder of our love.

It may be time for one in my size…