I have had a bit of a love affair with paper bag style clothing, pants mainly. I would love to wear the comfy pants myself but I am pretty sure my hips don’t need the added poof. Abbey on the other hand? They would be super comfortable for any child loose, baggy, stretchy waisted pants. So I made some, I love them and I made a pattern for you. Not a graded pattern, but a pattern, in size 3T, well maybe like a 2T waist and a 3T length? Abbey is kind of between sizes and they fit her like some 2T and some 3T. (link for pattern below)

The pants are pretty forgiving for the pattern since they are loose and baggy. So if you are making a larger or smaller size you should be able to adjust the height of the waist (front and back) Width (along the straight side) Length in the inseam.

Free Pattern can be found here:
Paper Bag Pants PDF

Few tips before we begin, I used a 3/8 inch seam allowance.
Also the pants can be made with almost any fabric but since they get pleated and sewn at the top waist I recommend a light weight fabric. I used this really light weight chambray denim. (plain cotton for the facing)

Start by sewing right sides together, the pocket facing to the front of the pant.

Then turn the pocket facing to the back of the pant and top stitch.

Then with RST place the pocket piece down on the pocket facing. Then only sewing through the facing and the pocket sew them together along the edge.

Now you should have your two front pieces done. Tack the pocket in place to secure along the top edge and side edge. (it makes sewing later easier)

Next there is not a pattern piece for this but I decided to add faux welt pockets to the back of the pants. There is a tutorial on that here.

See, cute little faux welt pockets. Totally optional.

Now for the pants sew a front and back leg right sides together along the straight edge and from the curve of the crotch to the ankle.

Then with one leg right side out and one leg inside out place the right side out leg into the other and line up the top curved piece. Sew the “U” shape to sew the two legs together.

Now you have some very large looking pants. (Which seriously for like a size 4 or 5 you could just add and elastic waistband and have a cute pair of pants, just saying)

Take the facing pieces. (the strips cut from the top part of the pattern) Sew them together at the back and side seams like you did for the pants. That way you should have a large waistband. (if you are using a one sided fabric sew right sides together for all the seams)

Match up the front and back and match all the seams (sides and front and back) So the facing and the pant waist match up. Then sew them together.

Press the facing up. Finish the top edge. I serged mine but you can turn it under if you rather. Then fold it down.

Sew the facing down all around the pants. (you can see the stitch line) Now this part looks kind of messy, but it works. Measure your child from side to side across the front of their waist (or half their waist measurement) That is the size you want the front of the waist to be when you are done pleating. Add pleats across the front of the pant until it is the right size. It may take some adjusting to make sure the pleats stay even. Then sew right through the pleats to secure them all in place. I just followed the stitch line that was already there.

Next take the piece for the elastic casing and fold both side length wise inward.

Then sew it in place along the top and bottom leave the sides open. Slide your elastic in place. I used 1/2 inch knit elastic. How much you use will depend on how stretchy your elastic is and how tight you want it, I used about 6 inches. I usually use the rule of thumb that the back should be able to stretch to full size when the elastic is stretched.

Sew the elastic in place at both ends to secure.

Then for the front, I don’t have the best picture for this but I used some nice and wide ribbon for the front tie. I sewed it in place at both sides. Then I tied it in bow being careful that it was not loose but not pulling the front pieces tight. (you can put it on your child to tie the bow then take it off to sew it in place) I tacked the ribbon and bow in place so it wouldn’t come untied. Since if it was going to be anything like shoes they come undone every two seconds and that would just be annoying. Lastly hem  the bottom of the pants. The pattern was made pretty long, so you can hem them to whatever length you need, but keep in mind that wide leg pants look short really fast so keep them a little on the long side or they will be flood worthy in no time.

Then thats it! Enjoy your new comfy pants.

With super deep pockets for the treasure keeper in your family!

(if you make some pants share them in our flickr group we would love to see them!)