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Holiday Dress Pattern || Free PDF

Holiday Dress Pattern || Free PDF

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  1. Christine DANNEELS

    You make people soooooo happy ! Thank you so much for your patterns and tutorials. Love you !!!

  2. Mikea

    I thought i said thank you for this. Thank you!!!!!! Im going to try this variation this weekend. Will you be making a romper with the bodice? I think im going to try it out once i see where it hits her waist so i can adjust to add shorts. Thanks again!!

  3. carolyn williams

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been looking for a good, basic bodice pattern. I’m sure I’ll make many, many, many more dresses with your pattern. I’d love you to see my take on the dress. I did the short sleeves and buttons from the pieced bodice tutorial, and added a twirly skirt!

  4. marie-hélène amadio

    je suis très frustrée car je n’arrive à télécharger vos modèles qui sont tous plus beaux que les autres!! je suis fan amicalement

  5. Aryka

    Been looking for a simple, long sleeved dress. Cant draft sleeves for the life of me. Just so you know, you made my day.

  6. fleur

    tu es géniale ! merci beaucoup !!

  7. Atika

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, i’ve made several dresses for my daughter with your pattern. I’m very grateful.

  8. Alison Creamer

    In photo 3 you have the side seams sewn… yet in Another photo explaining the neck the side seams are not sewn ?
    In terribleLy confused on when to have the seams sewn . Is this before or after zipper installed?
    Thank you
    Alison creamer

    1. Shauna Wightman

      Hi! I understand why it can be kind of confusing, I swap between 2 different dresses, since I tried to use the photos that show the step the best. You will sew the sides together first, and in the photo later showing the neckline being sewn together you can pretend the side seam is already sewn together. Hope that helps 🙂

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