Quilts sewing for baby

The 64 Square Quilt {for a baby}

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  1. craftytammie

    it's adorable!! love your fabric choices.

  2. mjb

    Thanks for the tutorial! Love the quilt 🙂

  3. BrittaandGeorge

    love the fabrics, unique choices for a baby. The backing looks so cozy as well. Good Job.

  4. Jill

    I love your design! So cute and modern.

  5. Andrea, Fabric Envy

    I wasn't expecting this when I sent you this bundle! How fun in fact I like it so much I'm going to make one for myself. I'll be posting this on my blog tomorrow 🙂

  6. eilah

    Very cute and love the lack of binding–so fiddly 😉

  7. Emily

    Oh so fun! Love the soft backing. Did you have any slippage problems with the backing?

  8. Nichole

    Beautiful! Definitely a helpful post for those like me that are quilt-intimidated!

  9. srpprcrftr

    What a great tutorial. You have inspired me to tackle making a baby quilt. Your tutorial makes it look easy enough for me. I'm a sewer but usually too impatient to try anything too time consuming. I have lots of material, some nice flannel patterns so will get started with them. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the Abbey dress also. That is adorable. You've really got me inspired so

  10. Joy Wheeler

    Thank you for this super easy idea, well you make it sound super easy!
    I have only just found your wonderful website and I am sure that now a whole SEVEN YEARS later you have turned into the very accomplished quilter you sounded like when I read your great post.
    I am like you were then, a ‘not really quilter’ but love doing it, and hopefully I will be an accomplished quilter some day

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