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2 Triangles Quilt Pattern || FREE Pattern

2 Triangles Quilt Pattern || FREE Pattern

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  1. AmAnda

    I love to quilt too! And I love this design. I have to admit I am a bit scared of triangles myself. They always turn out wonky and get way out of square, but yours looks fantastic. My mom is also a quilter but of the long arm variety(for those that don’t know, she’s the lady that puts the designs on the quilt top to hold it all together). She’s pretty amazing and you should check out her work sometime if you have a minute.

  2. jcunningh685

    How do I get the pattern? I am logged in added to my bag. Cannot find where two download

  3. Esther Nance

    this looks like fun & easy. I’m a beginner and am going to try it. it was hard to print it but with the picture
    i might be able to figure it out. thank you i tried to get on your news letter but couldn’t.
    you did a great job. im doing baby blankies to donet .

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