The weather has been DE-LIGHT-FUL lately and so we have been soaking it up. This means spending our days running around outside. This leaves less time for crafting (especially with a few other time consuming projects I am working on)

 So for a quick and easy project to welcome in spring I whipped up a tank. I will show you more on making the actually tank another time. But today here is a super easy project you can add to any tank or shirt.

 Start by measuring the front neckline and then double it. That will be the width of the strips. Cut three strips each a little longer than the next. Also use lightweight fabrics, the lighter the better.

 Hem the sides and bottom edge of each strip. Fold it under twice and sew to secure.

 Then stack all the strips on top of each other.

 Sew two basting strips along the top line.

 Pull to gather along the top.

 Sew the ruffle along the front neckline.

 Then you are done. Quick and easy right? You can whip one up and then get back out to the sunshine.

 With frilly ruffles…

Spring is the best time of year. (paper flowers coming later this week)