First thank you for your kind comments on the last post, and for the emails that have been coming in, you guys are so sweet. Things are going well, bed rest is incredibly boring, but should be coming to an end soon as things are improving. It is a “play it by ear” situation I guess. So what does all this bed rest mean? Not as much computer time as you would think, and certainly less crafting and sewing as I would like, but I do have a little guest post today! Whoop whoop! (but no link party ūüôĀ it will return next week so no worries) So you can hop on over to the fabulous blog Family Ever After, where the adorable and sweet Rach is hosting a series with all of her “Sewlebirty blog crushes” What? She chose us? Yep totally flattered! It is an awesome series and we got to do whatever we wanted.

So come stop on by for some tips for the perfect tee, and you can find out the details on the bow… to die for right? So come hop on by, and say hi!