Fall is coming! Or at least we are pretty certain it is coming, the leaves are changing, so thats a good sign. (even if it is still so hot!) I thought I should start working on the Fall wardrobe. First up. The Anna Tunic. Simple A line tunic with a few details that sets it apart from anything else.

 Like the two tone collar and button shoulder. I just love the little details (and yes I made the top a tad large so it will hopefully fit her all fall and winter.) So let’s draft a pattern together shall we?

 1. Use a shirt that fits as your guide. Then for mine I made it longer and A-line. Make a front and back (to be cut on the fold) The front should have a lower neckline than the front.
2. For the back collar I traced the same neckline and then simply drew the shape I wanted to the collar to be.
3.For the second layer of the collar I made the same neckline curve as the first but extended the outside edge.
4. Do the same thing for the front collar piece only I changed the shape so it would curve up in the middle and then instead of cutting on the fold I would just cut 2.
5. Make the second layer with the same neckline but extending past the outside curve.
6. Then to make the button tabs for the shoulder create a rectangle twice as thick as you want the tab to be and the width of the shoulder.

 I also made a sleeve by following the sleeve of the shirt but I made it much wider so it would be some what puffy. Also a pocket which was a rectangle with an angled edge, and a cuff for the sleeve. Twice the height I wanted and wide enough to wrap around my daughters wrist.  Now let’s sew!

 First the collar.
7. Cut double of all the collar pieces. Then sew two right sides together along the curved edge, then clip the curve.
8. Turn right side out and press flat.
9. Repeat this with all the collar pieces.
10.Place the top back collar down along the neckline of the wrong side of the back piece. Then place the second collar piece down on top and sew along the neckline. Clip the curve.
11. Turn collar around to front and top stitch down to hold collar in place.
12. Do the same for the front placing the top collar down first to the wrong side. There will be a gap.
13. Then place the second layer down and it should close the gap in the middle. Sew along the neckline clip the curve.
14. Turn around to the front and top stitch.

 15. For the button tab fold one side edge in the amount of the seam allowance.
16.Sew the button tab right sides together to the shoulder so the folded edge is towards the neckline.
17. Press button tab up flat and fold top edge down 1/4 inch then fold in half so the fold covers the first seam.
18. Sew the folded edge down. Repeat for both front and back shoulders.
19. Pin the button tabs of the front and back so they overlap.
20.With right sides together sew the sleeve into the arm opening.
21. Then sew the cuff to the end of the sleeve sewing right sides together. Pleat of gather the sleeve so it fits to the cuff. Then press the cuff out and turn the top edge under 1/4 inch.
22. Cut 4 pocket piece. Then sew two of them right sides together leaving a small opening so you can turn it right side out.

 23. Turn pocket right side out. Press. Then sew pocket along the edge to the front of the top sewing along all the edges except the slanted edge (pocket opening)
24. Next I wanted to add some trim, I used large ric rac and sewed two rows along the bottom of the front and back careful to match them up with each other.
25. Then with the front and back right sides together sew up the arm and down the side.
26. Next fold the cuff in so the little folded edge covers the inside seam and sew in place.
27. Hem the bottom.
28. Add a button and button hole to the shoulder tabs. (it allows for the easier dressing but if it fits over the head without opening you can add buttons just for decoration)

Then you are done!

 The perfect little fall tunic is ready for fall! The pockets can help keep little hands warm or, store all kinds of treasures.


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