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“Best Friends” Summer Pajamas {Free Pattern}

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  1. Stephanie McDonnell

    That&#39;s so cute. It&#39;s on my to-sew list.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">NewlyMynted</a>

  2. Leah

    Very cute! Thanks. <br />

  3. Alissa

    So cute, it&#39;s obvious she loved your idea of the mini dolls!<br /><br />Alissa<br />

  4. Sharlyn

    Soooooo cute! Love it 🙂

  5. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard

    This is so cute!! I&#39;m glad she loved those mini dolls!!<br />

  6. Kristy

    Absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for sharing! I never thought of cutting the shapes for the little toys and they look perfect that way! Very sweet!

  7. Jen

    I have wanting to buy that fabric for a while now! sO cute!! The dolls are an amazing idea. My littles will love this.

  8. Emily

    Seriously adorable!

  9. Jan

    love, love, love… grandaughter would love as well…thanks for sharing!

  10. OnceUpona Sew

    Love the little sleeve detail. The fabric is adorable.

  11. jeremy

    The photo shoot makes it extra pretty.<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">newborn photography</a>

  12. hajjandumrah

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  13. Jennifer

    SUPER SUPER cute!!! I have loved this fabric ever since I set my eyes on it (I am actually planning my daughter&#39;s 4th birthday using the mermaid version). These jammies are PERFECT!

  14. Debbie B

    Oh my goodness! The grandgirl needs those jammies and adorable dolls!!!! I have also been lusting for some of this and the mermaid fabrics. I think you might have tempted me to go ahead and buy some before its too late. I just wish I was lucky enough for a designer to send me some wonderful fabric to make cute things!

  15. ourdailypop

    Oh, wow! I love those little dolls. I used the mermaid and ballerina fabrics from this line in quilts for my daughters, and I&#39;m totally making dolls from the leftovers. What a sweet idea!

  16. feelincrafty

    This is perfect! I have some fabric that I have been wanting to buy to make something with, oh, and then I just bought this other fabric too… Pj&#39;s are perfect! Thanks!

  17. Oiane Niebla

    Lovely sewings! congratulations!!

  18. fahima Azeez

    wow great job , i could see that the bias tape that you had used has a code inside, could u pls. post a website on where i can purchase them online pls.

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