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Baby Ringer Onesie {Free PDF Pattern}

Baby Ringer Onesie {Free PDF Pattern}

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  1. Pienkel

    Super sweet! Our girl will be 6months old next week, so I'll definately try them out. Thanx for sharing!

  2. Annika

    love it! and just two pieces. that's perfect! my son is 5 1/2 months now, so i'll give these a try for sure. thanks a lot for offering these!

  3. Oiane Niebla

    Thank you for sharing! They are lovely!!

  4. Elke (pulsinchen)

    With only 2 pieces it is even simpler than the ones I made following the pattern and instructions of a German sewing blogger. Thank you for the inspiration!<br /><br />If you want to take a look at my onesies:<br /><br />Best regards,<br />Elke

  5. @lliE from FreshlyCompleted

    This is so totally cute. I&#39;m going to have to try some of these!

  6. Heidi Amber

    These are so stinkin&#39; adorable!! I can&#39;t wait to make a few of these, they will make awesome gifts.<br />Heidi @

  7. Monica Swift

    Oooh! These caught my eye immediately, she is too cute in them. I love using these fun prints for them, and onesies are so tiny that they would be the ultimate re-fashion item. A lot of fun could be had here….! My summer babies lived in onesies too…but none as stylin&#39; as these!!

  8. monicagears

    oh thank you so much. easy to follow…and she is a beauty…

  9. Mareike

    OMG! These onesies are adorable!!!! I like the floral one!!! She looks like a cool girl 😉 And thanks for the tipp how you sew the ribbing and seams together. This will improve my sewing a lot! Thanks Thanks Thanks

  10. {jen} iCandyhandmade

    Oh my goodness, Shauna! To die for. Adorable. Pinning this for when we finally get a baby…

  11. Cassandra

    Gorgeous! Can&#39;t wait to whip up a few of these for baby #3 who is arriving in the next few weeks!<br />Thanks for sharing x

  12. Goldogmom

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your posts and learning as I go. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!<br />I am very excited to make the onesie for my new granddaughter who is 7 months old. My daughter loves a onesie they received 2nd hand which has sleeves with a cute little bit of gathering that makes them more girlie than the standard kind. Do you have any suggestions as to

  13. dianneo

    Thanks so much for this pattern. I made one today and it&#39;s adorable and I&#39;ll be making many more. I wanted an easy pattern to make onesies for our local pregnancy center. I have a serger so I did change a few things. I didn&#39;t double the bias strips and I did have to make the neck and leg pieces longer (no amount of stretching was going to work). I serged all seams except when

  14. Kristie

    So sweet! You should totally make this into a pattern and sell it. Amazing, and it would be the perfect baby shower gift. <br /> Well done!

  15. fiona

    Fantastic! Thank you for this, my new granddaughter is never going to be short of onesies thats for sure 🙂 Love the blog, so much to do and learn thank you for sharing.<br /><br />Bright blessings,<br />Jane xx

  16. Janet Jin

    Absolutely adorable! Thank you for the mention. 🙂 Wonderful tutorial. I can&#39;t wait to see more. <br /><br />~Janet

  17. dianneo

    I have made about a dozen of these now for the pregnancy center. Since knits vary, some are stretchier than others, this is what I found works for a variety of knit fabrics. Sometimes, no matter how much I stretch, I can&#39;t make the ribbing size in the pattern work for the legs. So what I do is make the ribbing a longer length. Then I just stretch it as much as possible while sewing.

    1. Jan G.

      Thanks Dianneo, I too want to use my serger so your comments are very helpful. Pattern cut out, ribbing too (so we&#39;ll see if it is long enough)… Your comments re: serger modifications are indeed timely! Thanks

  18. dee kay

    Hi, the pattern won&#39;t open for me. It starts loading then gets stuck 3/4 way, can it be sent to me by any chance?

  19. Sydney Lund

    Hi! I know we can&#39;t sell the pattern but I was wondering if selling the onesies we make is possible?

    1. Shauna@shwinandshwin

      Sure thing! You may want to test out the sizes since the pattern has not been tested and I have only used it for personal use I can&#39;t promise the sizing will be standard.

  20. Laura Bruce

    Hello! I am completely new to sewing. I was wondering if you used a twin needle for some of this. If so which size? They are adorable and I would love to try to make this for my baby girl!

    1. Shauna@shwinandshwin

      I didn&#39;t use a twin needle, but if you do they will have twin needles just for sewing with knits, which are a different size and needle type than one you would use for denim or other fabrics.

  21. Sher Marchman Day

    Wonderfully written! I was looking for a pattern to make dozens of onesies and you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing!

  22. CreativaCale

    You are the best women! Your blog is the best.Your children are beautiful.You inspire me.THANKS!<br />Kiss from Serbia

  23. Sarah B

    Awesome pattern, but 1/2 yd doesn&#39;t seem like enough for even the smallest size…. Unless I&#39;m being dumb or misunderstanding.

  24. Vega

    Super Cute! Maybe I missed it, but what is the seam allowance used on this?

  25. Jayne Reed Dickus

    @Vega…Good question! I was just about to ask the same thing. I just printed this and they are so cute. So does anyone know??

  26. Tammy

    Same question regarding seam allowance! Is it built in or do I need to add it?

    1. Shauna

      It’s included. 3/8″ seam allowance was used.

  27. Migdalia

    These onesies are so cute! I would like to make them and give them as gifts. I tried several times to download the pattern, but was unable to do so. Is it possible for you to send it to me by email? I will greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

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  29. Jennifer H

    Hello! I love this tutorial! Any tips on making it with long sleeves? Thanks!


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  31. desiree

    i have two questions. first, i wanted to know how long and wide your pattern is. when i printed the pdf pattern it seems really big compared to another onesie pattern i have and i wanted to make sure that it printed correctly. It also doesnt fit on the 1/2 yard needed to make the onesie. the second question is is it ok to sell the finished product if i make it from your pattern. i did see that you have added a copyright to the pattern but i was unsure about the finished onesie.

    1. Shauna

      You are right, the 9m size will need 20″ for the back piece so it will be just shy of fitting on a half a yard. I made the smaller sizes and they fit just fine on a half yard. The copyright on the pattern is for the pattern and design. What you do with the items you make is totally up to you. Thanks for asking!

      1. desiree

        Great! thanks for the permission to sell and thanks for responding!

  32. Renee

    Can these onesies be made in regular cotton fabric?

    1. Shauna

      The pattern does require a knit with stretch or it won’t be able to fit on the baby.

  33. loretta patzner

    I am trying to get the pattern for this onsie. I tried to get it from craftsy but it will not work. would it be possible to email to me at [email protected]
    if so – that would be wonderful.

    1. Shauna

      You download from an account you create in craftsy, and then the pattern is there in “your patterns” Hope that helps!

      1. loretta patzner

        I does not let me download the pattern. It has a link to your site for the tutorial instructions.

        1. loretta patzner

          Disregard. I figured it out. thanks!

  34. Lesley afflick

    Thank you for sharing this pattern, can’t wait until I get started on these as gifts for friends.

    Might be worthwhile to mention that the instructions are only 14 pages of the 37 pages that prints out and the rest are the comments. As it doesn’t have page numbers in instructions this could be good.
    Thanks again Lesley

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  38. Migdalia

    Hi. I just wanted to thank you for sharing such a nice pattern. Is there the possibility that in the near future you include other sizes as well? Thanks.

  39. Pat

    Thanks for the pattern, I made 7 this week for our church mission project. They are sooo cute.

  40. Carmen

    I just want to know if your seam are 5/8” or 1cm? The value of the seam are included in the pattern?

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  42. hannah

    aw!!!!!!!! hmmm two babies

  43. hannah

    Could bias tape be used over ribbing??

    1. Rhonda

      I would think that bias tape lacks the necessary stretch, particularly around the neck hole where getting over a big head is important.

      HOWEVER, I’m going to try it with fold-over-elastic. It works like bias tape but has much more stretch.

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  45. marta

    Hi this pattern is so greeat!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    the first one took me hours to finish but now I just did another 2 so quickly! and looks great! thanks!

  46. Rhonda

    Thank you for the pattern and tutorial.

    Two questions:

    1. Would old t-shirts (although not as cute) work for this pattern?
    2. Could I substitute fold-over-elastic for the rib knit bands?


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  48. Hannah

    Hi, please can you tell me what kind of interfacing you would recommend for this pattern? Does it have to be knit interfacing or would woven/ non-woven work? Thanks!

  49. Di

    How would one resize this patter to fit a newborn… slightly smaller than a size 0 as I believe it goes premie newborn 0-3 3-6 and so on. If I am mistaken please let me know but I am in need of the newborn size if you can let me know how to resize it. Thanks.

  50. Carol Wilkins

    Thank you for the onsie pattern. I love it will make more! I had to double all the bias tape. I made it out if knit Jersey the childrens pop line.
    Thank you!

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