Reversible Knit Pants || Free Pattern for Baby

So everyone I know seems to be having a baby, and they all seem to be having boys. I LOVE sewing for babies, if I could I would always sew for babies. Now I do have my “go-to gift” that I have shared before. I had already made the easy baby quilt I thought I would mix things up a little bit with the baby gift set and share my most favorite thing I ever made my kids when they were little babies. Knit pants. So simple, so comfy and I always made them reversible, for two reasons really. 1. because it is a great two for one which is great for mixing up outfits. 2. the double layers help protect against baby leaking… you know how that goes 🙂 So I whipped up a few pairs to add to the baby gifts. Today (in honor of my little guys 5th birthday) I am even offering a free PDF pattern for the pants. They are roughly a 3-6 months (ish) I would say they can fit between 3 months to 9 months if they are un-cuffed. So here is the link for the free baby pants pattern:

Free Baby Knit Pants Pattern

Now on to the sewing!

Cut out the pieces as instructed by the pattern and also cut out a waist band piece, you will want that to be a rectangle that is 5inchesX15 inches (add a few more inches if your fabric doesn’t have much stretch you want the waistband to be able to comfortable stretch to about 19 inches or the size of the babies waist)

Then with right sides together sew two of the legs (one for each side) together at the bottom hem. Do this for both legs.

Now just for a fun little (and completely useless) detail I decided to add a little pocket. So I cut a rectangle and I folded the sides in and top stitched along the top.

Then I placed the pocket as a little cargo pocket on the side.

I also added a little loop of twill tape (since it is cute) Stitch along the sides and bottom of the pocket.

Then fold the pants so the right sides are together and match up the bottom leg seam. Then sew from one crotch to the other. (repeat for both legs)

Then with one leg right side out and one leg inside out place the right side out leg into the other one matching up all the seams.

(this is not the best picture of this step sorry) Sew the top of the “U” shape curve together to sew the two legs together. The picture shows one side but you want to sew down one side and up the other.

Now you should have a very long pair of pants 🙂 With the pants right side out tuck the un-sewn pant legs into the sewn pant leg. So the striped legs will get tucked inside the grey pant legs.

Then pull the top of the striped legs up through the top. You will put the right sides together and then sew the same “U” shape that you did for the gray only you have to sew one side and then the other side making sure your seams meet in the middle. This way both crotch seams will match up on the inside (wrong sides together)

Now you have a pair of reversible pants just missing the waistband…

So for the waistband sew the top edge of the waist band under. This gives you a finished edge when sewing it in place later. Then fold the waistband in half width wise and sew.

Then match the raw edge of the waistband up with the top of the outside layer of the pants. (the pants will likely be wider than the waistband.

Then sew the waistband to the waist. Stretch the waistband as you sew so that it fits the waist of the pants.

Then fold the waistband in and match the sewn edge in place with the other waistband. Sew along the bottom of the folded edge to secure. You will sew through all the layers at this point.

Then you are done! Not to bad right? You can also make the same pants with just a single layer by cutting only 2 legs and putting them together nearly the same way only you hem the bottom and then add the waistband just to on layer. See you back here later the week with more baby goodness 🙂 All of it was made for a boy but really it can all be used for a girl as well.

Pocket fabric from my favorite new “boyish” collection Curious Nature.