It’s time for another “From This to That” this one is simply mending some pants. There is an easy way to mend pants where they almost look good as new, but I thought I would embrace it a little and take the time to add some cute heart patches. (have I mentioned Abbey’s love of hearts)

 So I patched the hole and then reinforced the knees with these sweet little heart patches and a quick blanket stitch around the edges.

 Cute, simple and helps these pants last a little longer.

 Supplies || Fabric for patch || Heat n’bond || Denim iron on patch || Iron || Scissors || Thread || Needle

First I cut out the heart shape from the fabric and heat n’bond just big enough to fit on the knees.
Then with the pants inside out cut the denim patch to cover the hole. Iron patch to pant leg.
Press the heat n’bond to the heart then peel the paper backing and iron the heart to the right side of the pants again covering the hole.
The heat n’bond will hold the patch in place but I added stitching anyway. To do a blanket stitch start by coming up through the patch, then weave the needle through the denim and the patch right next to where the stitch came up. Go through the loop with the needle then pull tight. Continue looping all around the edge. Then you are done.

With pants that are not only fixed but cute. I may have been told 50 times how much she loves me for making these pants for her. (total win)