If you have been following along here for a while then you know that almost 3 years ago my husband and I bought an old (70’s) house. It was… well charming, and in desperate need of TLC. So we have been making it over room by room.
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So it was time to do the Master Bedroom. Our bedroom was really really bad. When we first walked through the house I saw potential in every room and really loved the house, then we walked into the master bedroom and I about threw up. No one had been living in the house for 2 years, so the master was dark dusty and had cobwebs in the corners. The ceiling and wallpaper had glitter (yes glitter) all over it. Where ever there wasn’t wallpaper there was dark brown wood paneling, and shimmery curtains.  and let’s not even discuss the pink carpet.

So the bedroom was in need of a serious overhaul. Top to bottom. So here are some before and afters and a low down on what went down.

To start we painted. We painted the paneling, which needed to be primed first then painted using Grey Opal from Valspar. We painted the trim with bright white. We put in all new doors and knobs.

The room had some funky things going on, like glitter and textured wallpaper on two of the walls. and brown trim on some of the corners and ceiling. We didn’t actually hate the wallpaper, the texture is cool. The color was a dirty ivory, and have I mentioned the glitter yet? So before tearing it down which I was not excited about, we decided to try painting it. We used the same Grey Opal. It turned out great, the glitter was gone but the texture remained, just toned down a little.

One wall has sliding doors that lead to a deck, the wall had floor to ceiling wall to wall curtains. I didn’t actually hate the soft feel the curtains added to the room, and in keeping with the Mid Century Modern feel that we like, we were ok with the idea, just not the curtains. The creamy shimmery dusty, dirty smelly curtains had to go. We also made a cornice box that went from wall to wall across the top and we matched the wood tone to the furniture in the room instead of covering it in fabric and padding. It adds some warmth to the room.

We installed crown molding. This can be tricky, there are a lot of angles and math and my husband and I spent a few hours really wishing we had paid more attention in geometry. So after a few failed attempts we cheated and at Lowe’s we found these corner pieces. They were so easy to just nail in place and then all the straight pieces were just cut straight to go into the corner pieces. No more you tube videos, no more pulling our hair out and now we had fancy corners.

We re-did all the flooring in the house and so the pink carpet was out and new carpet was in so we also replaced the baseboards since the the old ones were the really small. We painted them with bright white.

We decided to keep all the main bedroom colors and bedding neutral and light, one because we were so tired of the dark depressing room before and because then when we get bored with the mustard color we can swap out the curtains and the accent pillows and we have a whole new look.

We got a new bed. (yes total room makeover) My husband hadn’t been sleeping well on our old bed, and after having kids I found the bed to be too firm. (like every pregnancy dramatically changed the type of bed I needed) So we were both sleeping on a bed we hated and decided this was as good a time as any to get a new one especially since we had been wanting a king and that meant all new bed frame and bedding anyway. So we tried out TONS of beds did an endless amount of research and finally settled on a sleep number bed. I don’t want to be super dramatic and say a bed changed my life but this bed changed my life. One because I am a 40 and  my husband is a 75 so being completely different we are still in one bed, but we both get what we need. Also if I find that I need a firmer bed again I don’t have to buy a new mattress or let my sleep suffer I just change the number, and I have never slept better in my life, I could go on forever seriously, but back to the room design 🙂

We searched high and low for lamps, and then finally on a whim we walked into hobby lobby. (I know gasp I almost never go into hobby lobby) That’s when high up on the shelf we found two of the most perfect lamps on clearance, it was fate.

For the bedding we wanted texture, texture and more texture. I wanted white, my husband wanted whatever I wanted. I seriously stubbled finding bedding I wanted, I looked everywhere. Then we went to west elm to order our bedroom set and on display was the most perfect bedding, fluffy white and dreamy. So I said “that’s it! That’s the bedding” So took it all. Yep master of bedding right here, I just re-created the display in my room.

So that’s it. It only took 18 months to complete from start to finish since there were so many darn decisions to make. Anyone else seriously struggle with making decisions?

Here is a rundown of the details:
Bedframe || Dresser || Side tables || Bedding || Curtains || All from West Elm
Starburst Mirror || Home Depot
Lamps || Hobby Lobby
Tissue Paper Calendar || Handmade by our dear friend Olivia
Paint || Grey Opal by Valspar
Bed || Sleep number bed